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      Natco Almonds Flakes 1Kg

      An essential ingredient in many Asian dishes and sweets. Mix with Natco Green Raisins for a delicious snack. Fantastic value.

      Natco Cardamoms Black 1Kg

      Also called Carom or Lovage seeds, they have a flavour similar to thyme but much stronger. Used in Indian breads, Gram flour snacks and also go well with fish. They are also a common ingredient in balti cooking and in bhajias and pakoras.

      Natco Rose Syrup 710ml

      Mix with milk for a traditional Asian milk rose drink Can be used with ice cream or kulfi as a dessert topping Used to flavour many alcoholic drinks such as vodka or gin Intense nose of rose petals, flowery rose aroma Gluten free

      Natco Jaggery Rewadi 300g


      Natco Takmuria (Basil Seeds) 100g


      Natco Jeera Cumin Seeds 1Kg


      Natco Pav Bhaji Heat and Eat 450g

      Pav Bhaji - Spicy mashed vegetables cooked in a rich spicy sauce. A favourite meal at anytime, this dish is popular all across India. Serve with Bread Rolls or Naan Bread.

      Natco Dry Basil Jar 350g


      Natco Chilli Whole Birds Eye 400g

      Very hot, small whole chilies that can be used instead of fresh chilies.

      Natco Curry Powder Hot 1Kg

      A slightly less pungent version of our Hot Curry Powder when a milder flavour with less heat is required. An authentic blend of exotic spices used by generations since the days of the Raj. Excellent for adding flavour to sauces, soups and rice. Net Weight: 1Kg refill.

      Natco Undhiu Heat and Eat 450g

      A medium hot vegetable curry dish from Gujarat. Chunks of sweet potato mixed with kand root, aubergine, beans and banana blended with turmeric and mixed spices make up this unusual but rich and filling dish. Can be eaten on its own with rice and breads or as a side dish. Heat and serve.

      Natco White Pepper Ground 1Kg

      Obtained From the Small Dried Berry of the Vine Piper Nigrum. Bring a Slightly Milder and Delicate Flavour To Dishes. Used Heavily To Coat Pork and Beef Before Grilling Or Stir Frying.

      Natco Extra Hot Chilli Powder 100g


      Natco Thecha Chilli Paste 300g

      Can be used either as a cooking paste or as a side accompaniment to spice up any meal. This is REALLY hot and ideal for the serious chilli enthusiast as it is a fiery combination of pureed hot red chillies and garlic blended with lime juice, spices and vinegar. Try a tiny amount on its own with pappadums if you dare! VERY HOT

      Natco Mamra Basmati ( Puffed Rice) 454g


      Natco Kashmiri Dum Aloo 450g

      A delicious and popular dish from Kashmir. Small new potatoes cooked in a spicy sauce. Served as a main dish with basmati rice or naan breads. Suitable for vegetarians.

      Natco Ginger Paste 1Kg

      All the flavour and texture of fresh ginger without the inconvenience of peeling and chopping. Ginger paste is an essential ingredient in many Indian curries as well as Thai and Chinese cuisine. Available in 1Kg glass bottle.

      Natco Heat and Eat Dal Makhani 450g


      Natco Suger Rewdi 300g


      Natco Sarson Ka Saag Heat and Eat 800g

      Sarson ka saag is one of the famous dishes known in India mostly in the Punjab region where this is eaten regularly. It is like a type of spinach but more bitter and darker green. This is a single pack of 800g tin.

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