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      Natco Punjabi Tinda Tin 400g

      The tinda and plural called tinday, also called Indian round gourd or apple gourd or Indian Baby Pumpkin, is a squash-like cucurbit grown for its immature fruit.

      Natco Thecha Chilli Paste 300g

      Can be used either as a cooking paste or as a side accompaniment to spice up any meal. This is REALLY hot and ideal for the serious chilli enthusiast as it is a fiery combination of pureed hot red chillies and garlic blended with lime juice, spices and vinegar. Try a tiny amount on its own with pappadums if you dare! VERY HOT

      Natco Red Chowri 2Kg

      Red Chowri are considered to be an important food legume in India, rest of Asia and even Africa. They are also called or referred to as zipper cream peas or Southern peas. In South India Red Chowri are used to make side dishes and broths and are generally cooked with coconut milk, tomatoes, diced onions and spices.

      Natco Rice Flour (Atta) 5Kg

      Available i 1.5kg

      Natco Urid Dal White 1Kg

      A popular Indian dal that makes delicious creamy soups and dumplings. Pack Size: 1kg Naturally low in fat, high in fibre and rich in protein Suitable for vegetarians Naturally low in fat, high in fibre and rich in protein

      Natco Peanuts Red 400g

      Rich in protein and delicious in salads and nut mixes. Suitable for vegetarians.

      Natco Kashmiri Chili Powder 1Kg


      Natco Cardamoms Seed 300g

      Why bother with deseeding Cardamom Pods when we've done all the work for you! Simply the seeds of Cardamom Pods painstakingly removed from their shells to provide the quickest and easiet way to enjoy cardamom. Suitable for use in many curry dishes and wherever cardamon is required generally. Adds a distinctive flavour and strong aroma. Available in 300g bags.

      Natco Urid Dal White 500g

      Urid (or Urad) beans split and dehusked to produce a small pale yellow split pea (dal). This dal has many uses and is popular in North and South Indian cuisine. Great for creamy dals and soups and also used to prepare dumplings. If fried in oil, this dal will turn red and aquire a nutty flavour. Available in 500g bags.

      Natco Suger Rewdi 300g


      Natco Green Lentils 1Kg

      Green lentils An alternative to Puy lentils, with a distinctive taste and texture. Pack Size: 1kg Naturally low in fat, high in fibre and rich in protein Suitable for vegetarians

      Natco Amchoor (Mango) Powder 400g

      Amchoor powder, also called "Amchur" or "Aamchoor" in Hindi, Amchoor translates literally as "mango powder"! Made from dried slices of immature green mangoes which are then ground into a powder, the colour of the ground spice is brownish-beige. the flavour is slightly acid/sweet.

      Natco Hing Asafoetida 100g


      Natco Green Cardamoms 50g

      Natco Green Cardamoms (50g)

      Natco Cardamoms Black 1Kg

      Also called Carom or Lovage seeds, they have a flavour similar to thyme but much stronger. Used in Indian breads, Gram flour snacks and also go well with fish. They are also a common ingredient in balti cooking and in bhajias and pakoras.

      Natco Punch Puran (5 Whole Spices) 1Kg

      Panch Puran is a colourful blend of flavourful seeds. Panch Puran is usually fried in oil or ghee before adding anything else to the pot, flavouring the oil and releasing the aroma of the oils in the seeds. Suitable for Vegetarians.

      Natco Black Eye Beans Tin 400g

      A classic bean with a "dry" but creamy texture. High in protein and fibre these beans are a staple base for many Asian and African stews and casseroles. Available in 400g bags.

      Natco Baigan Bharta Heat & Eat 450g

      An exotic dish from the northern region of India. Roasted to enhance the flavours, the aubergines are mashed with ginger, chillies and mixed spices. Serve as a main dish or a side dish with naan bread or chapattis.

      Natco Undhiu Heat and Eat 450g

      A medium hot vegetable curry dish from Gujarat. Chunks of sweet potato mixed with kand root, aubergine, beans and banana blended with turmeric and mixed spices make up this unusual but rich and filling dish. Can be eaten on its own with rice and breads or as a side dish. Heat and serve.

      Natco White Pepper Ground 1Kg

      Obtained From the Small Dried Berry of the Vine Piper Nigrum. Bring a Slightly Milder and Delicate Flavour To Dishes. Used Heavily To Coat Pork and Beef Before Grilling Or Stir Frying.

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