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      Natco Cumin Ground 5Kg

      Ground Cumin s stronger than whole seeds and its flavour is strengthened by toasting. It can be used in meat, rice and vegetable dishes.

      Natco Spicy Mango Chutney Medium 340g

      The spicy version of traditional Mango Chutney. This is simply Mango Chutney zipped up with a bit of ginger and chilli. Sweet and spicy at the same time- a delicious combination. Use as traditional Mango Chutney. Suitable for vegetarians. Spicy.

      Natco Patra Tin Heat and Eat 400g

      Stuffed curried Patra leaves are a Gujurati speciality dish. The Patra leaves are stuffed with a spicy mixture of gram flour, tamarind and spices to make a rich and delicious vegetarian starter or snack - but you need to know how to serve this!

      Natco Semolina Fine 5Kg

      Natco Fine Semolina is sifted from the finest quality freshly milled Durum Wheat and ground to a superfine texture.

      Natco Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds 400g


      Natco Peanuts Pink 400g

      Suitable for vegetarians Contains nuts,

      Natco Almonds Flakes 1Kg

      An essential ingredient in many Asian dishes and sweets. Mix with Natco Green Raisins for a delicious snack. Fantastic value.

      Natco Peanuts Pink 1kg

      Suitable for vegetarians Contains nuts Country of Origin Packed in UK 6 x 1kg Pack.

      Natco Javantri Powder Grounde Mace 50g


      Natco Bombay Sandwich Spread 280g

      If you have been to India recently you may have tried a Bombay Sandwich - a plain sandwich or naan filled with cooling fresh salad and thickly spread with Bombay Sandwich Spread. Neither a chutney or a pickle this is a spread made entirely of fresh coriander and mint leaves spiked with green chilies and a hint of coconut. Fresh and modern this is the pulsating taste of Bollywood!

      Natco Green Peas Whole 2Kg

      Whole green peas are small and round. They are most commonly eaten boiled or steamed. They have a sweet flavour and starchy texture, and are very similar to yellow peas.

      Natco Kashmiri Dum Aloo 450g

      A delicious and popular dish from Kashmir. Small new potatoes cooked in a spicy sauce. Served as a main dish with basmati rice or naan breads. Suitable for vegetarians.

      Fudco Quinoa White (Kodri) 400g

      Fudco Quinoa White (Kodri) 400g

      Natco Cloves 1Kg

      One of the world's oldest and most useful spices. Use to make authentic garam masala and in various dals and pilau rice. Has a vast range of uses in all types of cooking.

      Natco Lotus Roots Tin 400g

      Lotus root is an acquatic plant root grows under water and comes under water lily family. The formal name for the lotus is Nelumbo nucifera, although it is known by a variety of other native names in the countries where it grows.

      Natco Mung Beans 2Kg

      A delicious small green bean with a creamy nutty flavour. Also used for bean sprouts. Mung Beans are a good source of protein and are high in dietary fibre. Available in 2Kg bags.

      Natco Gungo Peas 400g

      Natco Gungo peas in salted water Used in many recipes Make curry, add to salads or even stews

      Natco Coriander Ground 1Kg

      A convenient alternative to seeds. Can be added to soups.

      Natco Madras Curry Powder 100g

      An authentic blend of exotic spices used by generations since the days of the Raj. Excellent for adding flavour to sauces, soups and rice.

      Natco Red Lentils Polished 2Kg

      Red lentils. Pack Size: 2kg Produce of more than one country. Perfect for soups, stews and casseroles Suitable for vegetarians Naturally low in fat, high in fibre and rich in protein.

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