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      57 products found.

      Think Ahaa King Prawns Sea Food Approx 40-50, 400g

      King Size Clean and Peeled Prawn.

      Ahaa Indian Mackerel 630g

      The Indian Mackerel is a mackerel species in the scombrid family. An oily fish found on the Indian coasts and the western pacific oceans, also known as Bhangada in Maharashtra. Covered in silver with a hint of golden lines making it elegant. The firm flesh makes it easy for grilling as well as other styles of cooking.
      £7.99 £5.99

      Think Seafood Ahaa Tilapia Filets 1Kg (Frozen)

      Thilapia, are mainly freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes. It is the fourth most consumed fish in the United Sates. Its popular due to its mild taste and easy preparation.

      Shana Chilli & Coriander Naan (4 Pack) 300g (Frozen)

      Unlike many alternatives available, Shana Naan is tandoor flame baked using a traditional recipe with only the finest ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives, flavourings or eggs go into making Shana Naans.
      £3.25 £2.59

      Shan Garlic Paratha 325g

      Shana’s Garlic Parathas are a flavoursome variation of the Original Paratha. Shana uses only the finest ingredients to create the real textures and flavours of this popular unleavened bread.
      £3.49 £2.49

      Haldiram's Rajma Raseela (Frozen) 283g

      Haldiram's Rajma Raseela is a mildly spicy red kidney beans with fresh aromatic spices cooked in onion and tomato based curry.

      Ashoka Punjabi Tinda (Cut) 310g (Frozen)

      Praecitrullus fistulosus, commonly known as Tinda, also called Indian squash, round melon is cut intoe small vegetable pieces.

      Haldiram's Minute Khana Paneer (Tofu) Makhani 300g

      National brand Ready to eat

      Haldiram's Mutter Paneer With Tofu(Frozen) 283g

      Fresh green garden peas and Indian cottage cheese (paneer) with aromatic spices, cooked in a mildly spiced onion and tomato curry sauce. Enjoy with Indian breads such as chapati, roti and poori.

      Haldiram's Palak Paneer (Frozen) 283g

      Palak paneer is a vegetarian dish originating from the Indian subcontinent, consisting of paneer (a type of cottage cheese) in a thick paste made from puréed spinach and seasoned with ginger, garlic, garam masala, and other spices.

      Garvi Gujarat Khata Dhokla 295g (Frozen)

      Garvi Gujarat Khata Dhokla is a steamed savoury cake made of rice & lentil. Enjoy..!

      Shana Frozen Paratha Original 400g

      Cook straight from frozen Frozen Traditional South Asian Flatbread Suitable for vegetarians Cook straight from froze
      £3.49 £1.99

      Haldiram's Tandoori Naan 5 pcs 400g (Frozen)

      Haldiram's appetizing Tandoori Naan pairs well with most curries. They are baked to perfection in a traditional clay oven, which gives them exceptional softness and will enhance the overall taste of your gravy and meals.

      Shana Onion Paratha 400g

      Shana’s Onion Parathas are a flavorsome variation of the Original Paratha. Shana uses only the finest ingredients to create the real textures and flavors of this popular unleavened bread.

      Garvi Gujarat Undhiyu 285g

      Garvi Gujarat Undhiyu 285g
      £5.99 £2.99

      Ashoka Vegitable Cutlet 400g (Frozen)

      veg cutlet recipe | vegetable cutlet recipe | easy veg cutlet recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular deep fried snack or patties made from a choice of boiled and mushy vegetables. it is a sought-after snack recipe particularly with the vegetarian or vegan diet followers and is mainly served during the evening with a cup of tea.
      £3.49 £2.99

      Ashoka Jumbo Panjabi Samosa 8 Pices 800g

      Medium Hot Hand Made 100% Veg Ready To Cook
      £6.99 £4.99

      Tayyabah Cheese Parathas (Frozen) 4pcs 440g

      Aloo cheese paratha loaded with butter and had with dahi / raitha and some mango pickle. A quick comfort meal that fulfills your daily hunger.

      Ashoka Arvi (Cut) Frozen 310g 99p

      Ashoka Arvi (Cut) Frozen 310g