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      Britania Little Heart Biscuits75g


      Britania Good Day Cashew Cookies 216g

      It’s a Smile that makes it a Good Day! The smaller joys of life that can brighten up one’s life everyday often get ignored in the pursuit of larger joys. With its tagline of “Har cookie mein kayi Smiles.” Good Day will act as an enabler in enjoying all those small moments in everyday life

      Britania Good Day Butter Cookies 72g

      Light, Crisp & Delicious Toast, With Added Cardamom

      Britannia Bourbon Chocolate Flavour Biscuits 400g

      Thick, rich and delicious chocolate packed between two crunchy chocolate biscuits, topped with sugar crystals - presenting, the original Bourbon, from the house of Britannia. India's first and favorite Bourbon's sweet adventure began in 1955. Since then, Bourbon lovers across the country have been caught opening this chocolate couplet, licking the cream, and nibbling at the melt-in-your-mouth biscuit, bit by bit. Some have been witnessed chomping it whole, at one go. Some have been noted to alternate it with sips of coffee; others team it with lots of gossip and gupshup, while a few have been observed enjoying it with a book. And some have been seen reluctantly sharing their Bourbon. Whatever the occasion, wherever the hangout, Bourbon makes for great company. You can grab your very own Nano Pack or a Pocket Pack.

      Britania Good Day Cashew Cookies 72g

      Light, Crisp & Delicious Toast, With Added Cardamom

      Britannia Good Day Butter Cookies 216g

      Britannia Good Day Rich Butter Cookies are the innovative cookies manufactured and marketed by Britannia. You would love to have Britannia good day rich butter cookies fresh from the bakery. These extra crunchy cookies are made from real butter and are a treat for anyone at all times of the day. Britannia good day rich butter cookies are 100% vegetarian and suitable for all ages. Britannia good day rich butter cookies have rich butter content in it, which attracts the butter lovers towards it to buy it and get a bite of it. Britannia good day rich butter cookies are one of the finest products of Britannia, which started in 1892 at a small place known as Calcutta (now Kolkata). Armed with an investment of just Rs.295 and the will to succeed, Britannia started its factory. With the onset of the electrical revolution, Britannia mechanised its operations and in 1921, it was the first company to use imported gas ovens. Ever since, business at Britannia flourished, but more importantly, Britannia began to gain a worldwide reputation for its unbeatable quality and value. So try the new Britannia good day rich butter cookies and have a butter extravaganza in your mouth

      Britannia Good Day Chocochips Cookies 120g

      Filled with chocolate chips that burst out of the surface, the Good Day Choco-chip cookie promises to satisfy the chocoholic in you. The flavoursome Choco chips are blended into the crunchy cookie in a manner that is sure to give you a mouthful of chocolate with every bite you take.

      Parle-G Gluco Biscuits 80g

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