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      Rishta Lime Pickle (Hot) 400g

      Pickles, Chutneys, Popaddums
      £2.49 £2.20

      Natco Urid (Urad) Split 500g

      Urid Dal, also known as Black gram, is very nutritious as it contains high levels of protein.
      £2.49 £1.59

      Jalpur Idli-Mix Flour (Coarse Rice Cake Flour ) 1Kg

      Idli is a savoury cake popular throughout South India. The cakes are usually two to three inches in diameter and are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice. Most often eaten at breakfast or as a snack, idli are usually served in pairs with chutney, sambar, or other accompainments. Mixtures of crushed dry spices such as milagai podi are the prefered condiment for idlis eaten on the go. **Allergen Advice** (Jalpur products are packed and produced in a mill that handles wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, mustard, sesame and soya)
      £4.29 £3.50

      Ashoka Ready to Eat Dum Aloo 280g

      A rich and creamy potato-based curry hails from the popular Punjabi cuisine. The recipe is prepared with tomato and onion based sauce with deep-fried baby potatoes. You can enjoy it with roti’s or naan but also tastes great with jeera rice or pulao.

      Natco Chilli Crushed 700g

      The whole red chilies are dried crushed and flaked to release the chili flavor more efficiently and quickly into dishes.
      £4.69 £4.59

      Ayumi Sensual Massage Bath & Body Oil 250ml

      £8.99 £7.99

      Natco Green Peas Whole 2Kg

      Whole green peas are small and round. They are most commonly eaten boiled or steamed. They have a sweet flavour and starchy texture, and are very similar to yellow peas.
      £5.29 £2.99

      Fudco Chapati Flour 1.5Kg

      Fudco Atta is freshly milled from wheat of the finest quality to ensure good nourishment and unsurpassed flavour. This product is completely free from additives and preservatives. Fudco Atta lives up to its name, REAL FLOUR, and is perfect for making traditional Indian Breads such as Chapattis, Puris and Parathas.
      £3.99 £2.49

      Fudco Till Seeds Black (Sesame Seed) 300g

      Black Sesame seeds, also known as kala til, is one of oldest condiments known to man. They are highly valued for their oil.

      Natco Green Lentils 500g

      Green lentils are larger in size and shape to red lentils with a delicious rich pea like flavour. An alternative to puy lentils. Available in 500g bags.
      £2.99 £1.49

      Dairy Valley Pure Ghee 2Ltr

      Premium Quality Product Tasty & Healthy Over 70 Years of Experience
      £30.99 £28.99

      Natco Cassia Sticks 400g

      Similar to cinnamon but with a coarser, thicker bark. The taste is stronger than true cinnamon with a very subtle clove undernote. Used in pilau's, lamb and other meat dishes.
      £5.99 £4.99

      Natco Almonds Ground 907g

      An essential ingredient in many Asian dishes and sweets. Fantastic value. Available in 6x907g bags.

      Fudco Suger Coated Fennel Seeds 1Kg

      Fudco Suger Coated Fennel Seeds 1Kg
      £6.99 £4.99

      Jaimin Soya Stick 200g

      Soya Sticks are lime and chili flavored snacks made from soya beans!
      £1.49 £1.19

      Haldiram's Mathri 200g

      Mathris are crisp, flaky and savory crackers made with flour, ghee, water, and spices. There are several versions and combinations of the same.
      £1.89 £1.49

      Fudco Daria Dall Split Roasted 300g

      Natco Cares: The Natco brand is cherished by those who love quality exotic cuisine. Our experts travel to the farthest corners of the world to hand select the finest natural ingredients. We then clean, grade and process our ingredients to exacting quality conrol standard . Our meticulous care and attention to detail ensures our product reach you in perfect condition and represent the finest of their kind.

      KTC Pure Almond Oil 750ml

      Made with 100% Californian almonds, Traditionally used for skin and hair, Also ideal for frying, baking and roasting.
      £6.49 £5.49

      Ayumi Neem & Tea Tree Body Scrub 200ml

      Deeply cleansing and exfoliating For Normal to Oily skin
      £5.99 £4.99

      Rishta Lime Chili Pickle 400g

      Lime 40%, Green Chilli 20%, Salt, Corn Oil, Fenugreek, Mustard, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric, Acetic Acid, Preservative: Sodium Benzoate (E211).
      £2.49 £2.20

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