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      Fudco Whole Walnuts 700g

      £7.69 £7.59

      Fudco Ginger Dry Whole (Sunth) 100g

      Fudco Ginger Dry Whole (Sunth) 100g
      £1.49 £2.19

      Fudco Caraway Seeds 100g

      Fudco Caraway Seeds are used extensively in European and Mediterranean cooking.

      Heera Methi Bhardo 400g

      Fenugreek seeds are small, roughly angular, brownish yellow seeds, which have a pleasantly bitter flavour and strong aroma. The seeds are often toasted to enhance their pungent aroma, and then powdered alone or with other spices. In Indian cuisine, fenugreek seed is a common ingredient in curry powders and pickle powders. It is also used to temper various vegetable and dal based dishes to enhance the aroma and taste.
      £2.99 £2.49

      JK Garam Masala Whole 50g

      JK Green garam masala whole includes cardamom , clove , cassia

      Heera Birds Eye Chilli Whole 200g

      Heera Bird's eye chilli... These small, tapered red or green chillies are extremely pungent and very, very hot! Often used in Chinese and South East Asian cooking for that unforgettable kick!

      Fudco Pimento ( All Spice) Whole 50g

      Fudco Pimento ( All Spice) Whole 50g
      £2.49 £1.29

      Natco Takmuria (Basil Seeds) 100g


      Natco Black Pepper Coarse 300g

      The worlds most popular spice, coarsely ground. Available in 300g bag.
      £5.99 £3.99

      Natco Birdseye Whole Chillies 150g

      Very hot, small whole chillies that can be used instead of fresh chillies. Heat them in oil until they increase in size. The frying enhances their flavour. Birdseye chillies may be small but they are very hot so use with care!
      £3.49 £2.99

      Greenfields Black Nigella Seeds 100g

      Whole Black Seeds or Nigella sativa from the Nigella Sativa plant, often called black cumin or Black Onion Seed. Aromatic, savoury flavour Fresh natural product Keeps body healthy

      Natco Cassia Sticks 400g

      Similar to cinnamon but with a coarser, thicker bark. The taste is stronger than true cinnamon with a very subtle clove undernote. Used in pilau's, lamb and other meat dishes.
      £5.99 £4.99

      Natco Mixed Masala Whole 300g

      Mix Masala is a traditional blend of whole spices used in curries, biryanis and spice blend. Ingredients: Black Cardamoms, Cloves, Black Pepper, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Cassia Bark and Bay Leaves.
      £3.99 £2.99

      Heera Fennugreek Seeds 100g

      Product: Fenugreek Seeds Brand: Heera Net Weight: 100g Alt Names: Methi Seeds
      £0.99 £0.79

      Fudco Bold Green Cardamom 600g

      Has light minty flavor to adds freshness to dishes Due to its aroma is used in curries,bakings,tea 100% organic and fresh We Only pack when you order so that the freshness of the product remains Packed in resalable packet to keep it fresh

      Natco Cloves 1Kg

      One of the world's oldest and most useful spices. Use to make authentic garam masala and in various dals and pilau rice. Has a vast range of uses in all types of cooking.
      £17.19 £14.99

      Fudco Ajwain Seeds 700g

      Fudco Ajwain Seeds 700g Ajwain (Carom) is commonly used in various Indian vegetarian dishes, especially lentil dals (soups). Besides adding a bitter menthol and woody aroma, it also helps with gas and bloating which can be caused by certain lentils. This particular Shahi Ajwain mix chewed a little after a meal, can help settle a stomach naturally.
      £8.99 £6.49

      Natco Methi Seeds (Fenugreek) 400g

      Normally sauteed in hot oil before adding vegetables to your dish. Used in pickles and chutneys and an important ingredient of the Vindaloo. Sprouts easily like cress. Excellent in salads. Available in 400g bags.
      £1.89 £1.49

      Fudco White Kokum Phool(Dry Mangostein) 150g

      Fudco White Kokum Phool(Dry Mangostein) 150g Unit Quantity:1 Food Specifications : Vegetarian Size : 150g
      £2.99 £2.49

      Round Whole Chilli (Boriya) 75g

      Round Whole Chilli (Boriya) 75g
      £3.49 £2.49