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      TRS Rose Essence 28ml

      TRS Rose Essence is a great way to infuse food with pure and natural floral essences. Works well in syrups, creamy desserts, ice creams, meringues and even rice puddings. Try adding this Rose Essence to Lassi, Smoothies, or your favourite teas for the aroma of walking through a beautiful Rose Garden.

      TRS Vanilla Essence 28ml

      TRS Flavouring Essence is a Non alcoholic concentrated flavouring for all your baking needs. Ideal for making cakes, Boiled Sweets, Cake Frosting/Icing Biscuits, fondant, creams or Fudge.

      Tate Lyle Iceing Suger 500g

      Essential for making glace or butter icing, it has an anti-caking agent added to prevent lumping, simply mix with water to produce a glossy icing perfect for any cake Fairtrade certified
      £2.99 £1.49

      Tate Lyle Caster Baking Sugar 500g

      Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Sugar is made from the natural juice of the sugar cane. Sugar does not just provide sweetness, but enhances flavour, is a natural preservative and gives texture, body and natural colour in baking. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to enjoy a variety of foods in moderation and to exercise regularly. Caster sugar is mainly used for cooking and baking.
      £1.49 £1.00

      TRS Pineapple Flavouring Essence 28ml

      A highly concentrated pineapple flavouring. Use sparingly for best results.

      TRS Banana Flavouring Essence 28ml

      TRS Flavouring Essence is a Non alcoholic concentrated flavouring for all your baking needs. Ideal for making cakes, Boiled Sweets, Cake Frosting/Icing Biscuits, fondant, creams or Fudge. Well, anything you want really! The bottle gives you an idea of the quantity to use: Cakes Up to 2 teaspoons (10ml) per kg, Boiled sweets and biscuits up to 3 teaspoons (15ml) per kg, and creams, fondants, icings and fudges up to 1 teaspoon (5ml) per kg depending on taste. Great for Baking, so make sure you get enough bottles. Excellent as a gift! Yummy!

      KTC Lemon Dressing 400ml

      £0.89 £0.49

      Weikfield Baking Powder Double Action 100g

      Weikfield’s “Double Action” Baking Powder makes your cakes, pastries, naans and kulchas light and fluffy , Also ideal for making all kinds of baked products and snacks like samosas, dhoklas, pakodas, bhaturas, banarasi papdi, naankhatai, cookies etc .
      £0.99 £0.69

      Fudco Citric Acid 100g

      100% Pure, Premium Quality Food-grade Citric Acid A natural preservative and a commonly used ingredient for cheese-making. Since it’s naturally sour in flavour, Citric Acid is used in manu sour dishes and to impart a tart flavour in baking dishes. Can be also used as a very effective cleaning agent to clean Jewellery or other Metallic objects. Urban Platter – Simply Good Food! :)
      £1.99 £1.29

      Fudco Citric Acid 300g

      FUDCO CITRIC ACID LIMBU NA PHOOL, used for Indian curries. Available in 100g
      £3.79 £2.49

      Borwicks Bicarb of Soda 100g

      Borwick's Bicarbonate of Soda (100g) It is similar to baking powder, but comes in a more basic form that requires "activation" via combining it with other ingredients such as buttermilk, vinegar or stout. The activation process releases carbon dioxide into the dough, forming bubbles that help the dough to rise
      £1.99 £1.00

      Borwicks Baking Powder

      Baking powder is a special agent that increases lift in various bakery recipes, including; bread loaves, rolls, muffins and American pancakes. Borwick's baking powder is to be used in the exact amount given in the recipe you follow. Usually you'd use baking powder in plain flour.
      £1.19 £1.00

      Niharti Vanila Essence 28ml

      Ingredients Propylene Glycol Flavouring Essence Caramel Water The vanilla plant is an herbaceous climbing vine (1) which requires a supporting tree or pole for optimal growth.
      £0.99 £0.79

      Hovis Fast Action Bread Yeast 6 Sachets 42g

      A blend of dried yeast and bread improvers. Suitable for Vegetarians. Free from artificial preservatives. Contains 6 sachets, makes up to 10 loaves. Perfect for hand baking and bread machines. Hovis yeast, the name you can trust.

      Eno 150g

      150g Eno Fruit Salt;Each Packet is Labelled with best before date;Fast Refreshing Relief from Stomach Upset
      £4.99 £3.99

      KTC Natural Lemon Juice 200ml

      Lemon Juice from Concentrate has been mixed with Potassium Metabisulphite as the preservative. A drink that can provide natural strength.
      £1.49 £1.00

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