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    Frozen Meat and Sea Foods

    We will try our best to fulfill the order for your Vegetable. If we unable to fulfill the order will notify you and refund for unavailable products.


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      4 products found.

      Think Ahaa King Prawns Sea Food Approx 40-50, 400g

      King Size Clean and Peeled Prawn.

      Ahaa Indian Mackerel 630g

      The Indian Mackerel is a mackerel species in the scombrid family. An oily fish found on the Indian coasts and the western pacific oceans, also known as Bhangada in Maharashtra. Covered in silver with a hint of golden lines making it elegant. The firm flesh makes it easy for grilling as well as other styles of cooking.
      £7.99 £5.99

      Think Seafood Ahaa Tilapia Filets 1Kg (Frozen)

      Thilapia, are mainly freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes. It is the fourth most consumed fish in the United Sates. Its popular due to its mild taste and easy preparation.