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      Mysore Sandal Soap 75g

      Give your skin a real treat every day. The scent comes from real sandalwood oil.

      Lux Velvet Touch 85g

      For noticeably smooth skin, World class perfume, Fragrance composed by the world's best perfume experts, With Silk Essence jasmine & almond oil.

      Vatika DermoViva Sandalwood Soap

      Sandalwood Luminating Soap with Sandalwood Oil. Smoothing and clarifying with astringent properties.

      Anuspa Sandal with alomond oil 125g


      Anuspa Soap Aloevera 125g

      Inspired by traditional Indian Healing Wisdom, this soap is enriched with Aloe vera- Nature's silent healer, combined with Vitamin E which provides effective cleansing while maintaining skin's moisture balance and improving it's texture. This dual combination also nourishes and restores the natural vitality of skin, making it youthful and soft.Ingredients- Aloevera gel, Vitamin E.

      Mysore Sandal Soap 150g

      Proven for long term skin benefits Decreases the chances of skin ailments, including skin cancer Apart from cleaning action, excellent moisturizing, nourishing, with enthralling aroma of natural sandalwood oil based fragrance Features: Decreases the chances of skin ailments, Proven for long term skin benefits Target Audience: Men & Women

      Anjana Antiseptic Shaving Alum 100g

      Alum is a natural mineral found in Europe Has been used by Egyptians for more than 4000 years Calms razor burn & soothes irritations during shaving Helps stop bleeding in case of nick or cut Unscented Suitable for all skin type000 years

      Anuspa Ubtan Scrub Soap 115g

      Fragrance: Ubtan For Men & Women Body Soap Organic Anti-septic Soap

      Anuspa Gulanjal Soap 115g

      The sensual Indian rose water in Anuspa Gulabjal soap leaves the skin beautifully cleansed, fresh glistening & hydrated. Our herbal soap experience is formulated by an IIT engineer, using exclusive natural herbs All Our soaps are Grade 1 except Scrub soap i.e. Anuspa Ubtan Soap.

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