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      Chai Xpress Chai Xpress Herbal Mint And Lemon Grass Tea 80g

      Uplifting Herbal Mint And Lemon Grass Tea. Premium blend of peppermint, spearmint and lemongrass. Chai Xpress has created a healthy cleansing beverage that has a fresh refreshing taste / 40 Bags

      Skittles Crazy Sours 55g 49p PMP

      Cherry Candies in a Crisp Sugar Shell with Sour Fruit Flavours. No two rainbows are the same. Neither are two packs of Skittles. Enjoy an odd mix.

      Chai Xpress Pure Kenya Tea (chai) 80g

      Finest selected tea leaves from the Rift valleys of Kenya / 40 Bags

      Natco Rose Syrup 710ml

      Mix with milk for a traditional Asian milk rose drink Can be used with ice cream or kulfi as a dessert topping Used to flavour many alcoholic drinks such as vodka or gin Intense nose of rose petals, flowery rose aroma Gluten free

      Just Cool Basil Seed Drink Lychee Flavour 290ml

      "Basil seed drink lychee 290ml" was used basil se Bulge in agar-like and including the moisture, it Preservatives, artificial coloring, synthetic swe No fruit juice.

      PG Tips Original Tea Bags 80 Pack

      PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bag, 80-Count Box

      Royal Chai Saffron Chai (Tea) 200g ( 10 Servings)

      Every Royal Chai Sachet has the perfect combination of Tea, Spices and Milk giving you the perfect Chai every time

      Royal Chai Karak Chai 180g ( 10 Servings)

      Every Royal Chai Sachet has the perfect combination of Tea, Spices and Milk giving you the perfect Chai every time

      Qarshi Johar Joshanda 5 Sachets


      Weikfield Strawberry Jelly Mix 75g

      Now even kids can make delicious strawberry flavoured jelly like a chef. All they need is Weikfield’s Strawberry Jelly Crystals, 500ml hot water and some exciting moulds.

      Frooti Mango Drink 200ml

      The Fresh "n" Juicy Drink Ready to Serve Fruit Beverage 100 Percent Vegetarian Product

      Mukti Instant Tea Pre-Mix Chai Ginger (Sweetened) 140g

      Instant Ginger Tea, just add boiling water.

      Haldirams Summercoolers Thandai Kesaria 750ml

      The best mixture made out of almonds, saffron, and other healthy ingredients, for quenching thirst and cool down the body on hot summer days.

      Haldirams Summercoolers Badam Kesaria 750ml

      The Perfect Summer Thirst Quencher! An Invigorating Concentrate of Almonds and Saffron.

      Ahmad Tea Cardamom Tea 100 Tea Bags


      Natco Rose Syrup 725ml

      A handy 710ml bottle of Rose Syrup. Mix with milk for a traditional Asian "milk rose" drink or with sparkling water and lots of crushed ice. Pour over ice cream or add to sweets and puddings.

      Kala Khatta Syrup 700ml

      This is a Vegetarian product. It is flavorful fruit from extracted syrups It is a choice of health conscious people It is of home made taste

      Just Cool Basil Seed Drink Mango Flavour 290ml

      The low-growing bush basil (Ocimum minimum) is a separate species, but it is probably a variant of sweet basil. Much of the herb grown today is a hybrid, a cross between Ocimum basilicum andOcimum americanum. There are many cultivars of basil that have their own denomination.

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