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      Top-Op Nutmag (Jaifal) Powder 50g

      Nutmeg tree is an evergreen tree native to tropical lands around the world. From, Nutmeg tree two spices are obtained; they are Nutmeg and Mace. Nutmeg is the seed and Mace is the aril of the nutmeg seed. These are premium quality Whole Nutmegs. A nutmeg is a brown color, hard and oval (egg like) shaped spice.

      Top-Op Organic Lauki Juice 500ml

      Lauki (Bottle Gourd ) juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, sodium, iron and potassium. Bottle gourd juice is widely used for weight loss.

      Mc Dougalls Self Raising Flour 1.25Kg

      Self Raising Flour 1 kg is a 2-in-1 wheat flour for the baking enthusiast looking to cake with convenience.

      Top-Op Oragano 300g

      It is a staple southwestern culinary herb, used for the flavor of its leaves, which can be more flavorful when dried than fresh. The herb is commonly used in salsas, chile sauces, posole and adobo. Add to soups, broths and stews for authentic southwestern flavor Gluten Free, Kosher Parve Certified, Non-GMO, Vegan

      Top-Op Far far Chokdi Coloured 250g

      An Indiana gutarica composed mainly of potato flour and tapioca colored powder It prepare quick intro oil bath in hot oil Inflates in seconds, they are colored and can be served any time of day Serve, besides as an appetizer or main preparation Great for making fancy edges and waffle cuts on various fruits and vegetables

      Top-op Organic Neem Juice 500ml

      Neem is an important part of Ayurveda.

      Top-Op Far far Sticks Large 250g

      Natco - Far Far Sticks (Uncooked Wheat Snacks) It prepare quick intro oil bath in hot oil Serve, besides as an appetizer or main preparation An Indian snack food composed primarily of potato starch and tinted sago

      Top-Op Aloe Vera Juice 500ml

      Rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and sugars , HealthViva Aloe Vera juice improves digestion and overall health , Contains no artificial colour and flavour .

      Top-op Organic Tulsi Juice 500ml

      Tulsi ( Holy Basil) is one of the most prominent herbs in the Indian subcontinent widely used ingredients in many Ayurvedic home remedies.

      Top Op Mixed Dal 500g

      This is a Vegetarian product. High in potassium which helps in contrlling blood pressure Low glycemic index Good source of folate

      Top-Op White Falooda Sev 100g

      Falooda Sev White 100g Falooda Sev is key ingredient for making Falooda `It is also used to make other Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi Sweet Dishes It is also used to make dishes like kheer, sweet sevaya etc Suitable for Vegetarians,Halal

      Top-Op Rice Papdi Green Chilli 150g

      Uncooked rice snacks. Green Chilli Rice Papdi : Net weight 150g

      Top-Op Henna Powder 100g

      Top op the 100% natural henna, is loved by millions of Indians. Henna is deeply rooted in Indian tradition not only as a 100% natural hair colour but also a natural hair conditioner.

      Top Op Falooda Sev Yellow 100g

      This is a Vegetarian product. Rich, Creamy And Tasty 6 Delicious Serves Easy To Make

      Top-Op Valiary (Fennel) Sweet 375g

      Sweet Fennel Essential Oil contains approximately 70-80% trans-Anethole (an ether) and is known for its ability to assist with digestive and menstrual concerns and for its diuretic, mucolytic and expectorant properties. Please refer to the Uses section below for more possible applications.

      Goond Babul 100g

      Goond Babul in Top Op Grains, also known as Arabica Gum, is a raw material of natural origin for DIY cosmetic preparations with film-forming and fixing properties. It is indicated to create mascara, eyeliner and hair fixing products.

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