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    Picture of Natco Urid (Urad) Beans 2Kg

    Natco Urid (Urad) Beans 2Kg

    Urid Beans are a good source of protein and are high in dietary fibre. Like a black mung bean but slightly sweeter and creamier.
    £6.69 £5.99
    Natco Urad dal 500g

    Natco Urad(Urid) dal 500g

    Urid Dal, Urad Dal or Ulutham Paruppu are black lentils that have been split and skinned.
    £2.39 £1.59
    KTC Urid Dal (White Lentils) 2Kg

    KTC Urid (Urad) Dal (White Lentils) 2Kg

    Pure and natural Easy to cook One of your 5-a-day (cooked 80g serving)
    £7.99 £5.89
    Heera Urad Dall Washed 2kg

    Heera Urad Dall Washed 2kg

    Vigna mungo is known as Urad Dal, black gram, black lentil. It is largely used to make dal from the whole or split, dehusked seeds. The bean is boiled and eaten whole or, after splitting, made into dal; prepared like this it has an unusual mucilaginous texture. The main ingredient in Dal Makhani
    £8.99 £5.49
    Fudco Urad Dall Washed 500g

    Fudco Urad Dall Washed 500g

    Fudco Urad Dall is especially suitable for vegetarians, as this tiny white lentil is rich in protein. It is necessary to soak the lentils before cooking.
    £2.49 £1.99