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      Natco Medium Desiccated Coconut 1kg

      Natco Desiccated Coconut medium grain size adds bite and texture to coconut macaroons and ice cream but is fine enough to coat marshmallows or chocolate truffles with a layer of white, nutty sweetness.

      Natco Med.Desicated Coconut 300g

      Unsweetened, desiccated, coconut used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Healthy for its manganese content which helps fight diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

      Heera Virgin Pink Himalaya Salt 800g

      Heera Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt originates from fossil marine salt deposits, formed during the Jurassic era, where it has been preserved and kept pure for over 250 million years. Shielded from impurities and pollutants, this rare and extraordinary salt is hand-harvested from the ancient sea salt deposits in the pristine Himalayan mountains, where the salt from the ancient ocean was pushed towards the northern part of the mountain range into a high plateau and was compacted with magma fluids originating from deep within the earth. These mineral infiltrations enrich the salt and provide it with unique characteristics identified by its Himalayan origin, especially the amazing pink color caused by the high natural iron content.
      £2.09 £1.79

      Shan Lahori Fish 100g

      About the product : Lahori Fish Mix , Easy to cook Hard to Resist
      £0.99 £0.89

      Lapte De Coconut Milk 400ml

      Lapte De Coconut Milk 400ml
      £2.99 £1.29

      Shan Chana Masala 100g

      Winner of 'International Taste and Quality' Award by ITQI in Brussels, Belgium, Authentic taste that has been renowned globally for the past 30 years
      £0.99 £0.89

      TRS Rose Water 300ml

      TRS Rose water with its unique distinct flavour is used primarily to enhance the taste of Indian Sweet and Dessert Dishes, such as Barfi and Rassomalai. It is also sometimes sprinkled on Religious Gatherings to give an aura of fragrance.

      Neya Imli Pani 1Kg

      Neya Taste Tamarind water Perfect for bhel, pani puri and many different types of Chaats Just add it to any food you prefer for a sweet and spicy taste

      Shan Fried Fish Seasoning 50g

      Shan Fish Seasoning Mix for Spicy Fried Fish. Ingredients: - Salt, Red chilli, paprika, coriander, dehydrated onion, garlic, ginger, fenugreek leaves, cinnamon, black cumin, carom, mace, clove, turmeric, green mango, brown cardamom, cumin, black pepper.
      £0.99 £0.89

      KTC Pure Corn Oil 1L

      For all frying, baking & salads, High in polyunsaturates and vitamin E, Suitable for vegetarians.
      £2.99 £1.99

      Greenfields Cayenne Pepper

      £1.79 £1.69

      Greenfields Mint Leaves 50g

      £2.49 £1.49

      Greenfields Basil 50g

      £2.49 £1.49

      Greenfields Dried Lemon Grass Tea 50g

      Lemon Grass Herbal Tea - Chopped dried Lemon Grass which can be used for making herbal tisanes.
      £1.89 £1.49

      Greenfields Sage Dried 50g

      Greenfields , 25 Crawford Street .
      £1.79 £1.39

      Heera Mustard Bhardo 400g

      Mustard seeds are the small round seeds of various mustard plants. The seeds are usually about 1 or 2 mm in diameter. Mustard seeds may be colored yellow, brown or black. They are important herbs in many regional foods. Black or brown mustard seeds are widely used in Indian, especially Bengali and Southern Asian, cooking. When fried, the taste is nutty rather than fiery.
      £3.99 £1.99

      Heera Madras Plain Papad 100g

      ingredients: Urid Flour, Salt, Calcium carbonate & Vegetable oil Storage: Once the packet is opened store in an airtight container.
      £1.39 £0.99

      Greenfields Lebanese Seven Spice Blend 50g

      Greenfields , Lebanese Seven Spices or 7 Spices is another classic Arabic spice blend , Really great rubbed in chicken breast or over fish .
      £2.19 £1.59

      Rajah Meat Tenderiser 100g

      INGREDIENTS Iodised Salt, WHEAT Flour, Papain Powder (0.1%)
      £0.99 £0.89

      Greenfields Moroccan Tagine 75g

      Traditional blend of spices for Moroccan style Tagine.
      £2.29 £1.79

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