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      Jam-e-Shirin Rose Syrup 800ml

      Jam-e-Shirin is well known drink of the East Jam-e-Shirin Satisfies thirst and is refreshing.

      Laila Premium Basmati Rice 2kg

      Laila a name known for quality and excellence brings you the finest basmati rice found in Punjab today. Grown for the past 7,000 years on the upland terraces of the mountains, Laila Basmati Rice with a delightful delicate aroma and delicious flavour becomes an ideal addition to any savoury dish.

      Fudco Deluxe Nuts and Raisins Mix 700g

      Brand Fudco Storage Store in a cool dry place We also recommend that this product be placed into an airtight container as soon as the packet is opened.

      KTC Pure Butter Ghee 1Kg

      Ghee is clarified butter, the secret ingredient that gives Indian cooking its distinctive flavour. It is ideal for sauteing, braising, pan-frying and deep-frying. Often 1 tablespoon of ghee will work just as well as four tablespoons of any other cooking oil. It is an all-natural, salt-free, lactose-free alternative to hydrogenated cooking oils.

      Haldiram's Gulabjamun Tin 1Kg

      This is a Vegetarian product. National brand Used finest quality ingredients Suitable for all

      Fudco Cashew Nuts Kaju 700g

      Small children can choke on nuts and peanuts.

      KTC Pure Butter Ghee 500ml


      Haldiram's Rasgulla (indian Sweet) 1Kg Tin

      Tasty Indian Bangalli Sweets Rosgulla

      Rooh Afza Rose Flavour Syrup Drink 800ml

      A Glass (250Ml) Of Iced Water To Make A Large Refreshing And Cool Drink Any Time No Need To Add Sugar Important: Do Not Refrigerate. Store At Room Temperature. Use Within 1 Month After Breaking The Seal.

      Laila Golden Sella Basmati Rice 2kg

      Golden sella basmati rice is premium quality parboiled rice Superb golden finish of the grain Cooked the rice will turn white, giving off the delicate aroma Nutty taste and fluffy texture that is the perfect addition to any quality dish

      Fudco Almonds (Badam) 700g

      Premium quality Suitable for vegetarians Country of Origin: Several Countries Storage Store in a cool dry place We also recommend that this product be placed into an airtight container as soon as the packet is opened.

      RV Fruits Natural Dried Walnuts 450g

      Raw organic walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. In fact, they are one of the richest food sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Walnuts are rich in polyphenols, a class of antioxidants linked to the prevention of degenerative diseases. Organic English Walnuts also contain the amino acid L-arginine, which may help manage blood pressure.

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