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    Natco Mung Dal Split 500g

    Natco Mung (Moong) Dal Split 500g

    Moong dal is also known as green bean they are small cylindrical beans with bright green skin this is the most nutritious beans and very easy to digest. Moong dal is always tasty and an excellent source of valuable nutrients and protein. This dal is a great combination with chapattis.
    Natco Mung Dal Yellow 500g

    Natco Mung (Moong) Dal Yellow 500g

    Tiny Mung beans are split and dehusked to produce Mung Dal Yellow. This very popular dal has a deliciously creamy taste and smooth texture when cooked. Used in soups, stews, casseroles and vegetable dishes. Cooks quickly, usually no more than 20 minutes. Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians. Available in 500g bags.
    £2.29 £1.59
    Natco Mung Dal Yellow 2Kg

    Natco Mung (Moong) Dal Yellow 2Kg

    Naturally low in fat, high in fibre and rich in protein. Suitable for vegetarians.
    £8.59 £5.99
    Fudco Moong Dall 1.5Kg

    Fudco Moong Dall 1.5Kg

    Mung Dal, one of the most loved dal alternatively also Called Moong bean, green gram, mash. It is the most favored lentils in Indian Cuisine. Rich source of Vitamins and Proteins. In Ayurveda, mung dal is said to be a portion of very beneficial health food. At the rate of high heart problems, Mung Dal lowers blood pressure. With fast and junk food, the weight adds another problem to ourself and family health. But Nature has provided us with such good healthy food. Mung dal controls weight.
    Fudco Mongdall Chilka 500g

    Fudco Mongdall Chilka 500g

    Moong Dall Chilka, more commonly known as split moong dal with husk, is a staple form of pulses for many Indian households. It is made like most other pulses, and takes a little longer to cook down. A common dish is the tarka, a culinary classic across the Indian subcontinent. Moong dal is rich in proteins, and the husk gives it a high quantity of digestive fibers, which makes it highly recommended for people with digestive problems.
    £2.49 £2.19
    Heera Mung Dall Chilka 2kg

    Heera Mung Dall Chilka 2kg

    Heera Moong chilka are split Monng Beans with husk. Use them to make salads, soups, subzis, and other delicious dishes. The beans have a sweet flavour, soft texture, and are easy to digest hence a staple for health conscious people.
    Fudco Moong Dall Washed 500g

    Fudco Moong Dall Washed 500g

    Fudco Moong Dall is split and skinned green grams, and moong dall washed is moong dall that has been treated with water to remove excess oil. Moong dall washed does not need to be rigorously rinsed before being used in cooking, and can be used after one gentle rinse. Moong dall is mostly used in making lentil curries and rasams, besides being used in a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes. Moong dall is a great source of proteins, fibers, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium; and is generally recommended to people recovering from diseases, or suffering mild diseases like an upset stomach or diarrhea. Moong dall has a lower cook time, is easily digestible and is ideal for people who don’t have much time for elaborate meal preparations. It is a staple source of proteins all over India.

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