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    Parboiled Rice

    Parboiled Rice - This “rough” rice has gone through a steam-pressure process before milling that gelatinizes the starch in the grain. This process produces a more separate grain that is light and fluffy when cooked. Converted rice is a type of parboiled rice that has been further pre-cooked, which ultimately allows you to whip up dishes of rice even faster.

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    Shankar Thanjavur Ponni Boiled Rice  2kg

    Shankar Thanjavur Ponni Boiled Rice 2kg

    Shankar Thanjavur Ponni Rice is a variety of rice cultivated in Southern India. It's parboiled rice that is steamed before milling and is partially boiled in the husk. Parboiling, therefore, makes parboiled white rice nutritionally similar to brown rice.
    £6.99 £3.49
    Deccan Ponni Boiled Rice 9.08kg

    Deccan Ponni Boiled Rice 9.08kg

    Science meets taste in this eclectic mixture of two of the best known rice strains. Sourced from select regions of Tamil Nadu, our rice undergoes a little over 15 months of natural aging before any processing takes place. The non-sticky free flowing texture of aged rice combines beautifully with the fragrant,fine and tasteful Ponni – a harmonious blend that will always keep you craving for more!
    £16.99 £15.99

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