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    The festival of light is around the corner and you must be very excited about meeting your friends and relatives. But the most important part of gifting your loved one with a token of love is something you would be jumbled up with. You can find n number of items in the world to gift your loved ones and that makes the choice a gift that can stand out of the ordinary ones. 

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      Jalpur Maghaj Flour (Coarse Chick Pea Flour) 1Kg

      Coarse chickpea flour. Maghaj is a delicious sweet dish usually prepared on diwali. If you like to make Indian sweets then you should try this. This flour is used to thicken sweets dishes, farsan and can also be added to home made veggies burger patties. **Allergen Advice** (Jalpur products are packed and produced in a mill that handles wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, mustard, sesame and soya)
      £3.99 £3.29

      Brown Coconut Each

      Coconuts are the familiar fruit of the coconut palm with a hard brown husk concealing sweet, milky white flesh Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, iron and potassium Weight range: 300g - 500g , typically 400g Store in a cool dry place. Do not consume the outer shell Country of origin may vary between Ghana and India
      From £0.99

      Fudco Pistachio Kernels 600g

      Great for adding to couscous salads, Suitable for vegetarians.
      From £14.49

      Gopuram Haldi and Kumkum Leaf Set 10g

      Used for social & religious markings in Hinduism. Return Gift items for Puja ,Wedding, Engagement, House warming,Shashtiabdapoorthi & other occasions/events.

      KTC Superfine Gram Flour 2KG

      gram flour is finely milled from Channa Dall, a variety of chick peas, and is essential in Indian cuisine when cooking bhajees, pakoras and many traditional sweets. Pack Size: 2kg
      From £2.59

      Britannia Good Day Cashew Cookies 3F1

      Britannia Good Day Cookies - Rich Cashew are 100% vegetarian and are very delicious. It has good flavor of cashew nuts. These extra crispy cookies are prepared from real butter and are a pleasure for anyone at all times of the day.
      From £0.49

      Yash Chorafali 200g

      A traditional Gujarati snack that resembles the taste of papad or chips, the chorafali is ideal to enjoy during snack time. these crispy and savory nibbles are usually made during Diwali time out of gram flour and urad flour. enjoy it wholeheartedly!
      £5.99 £3.49

      Cofresh Mango Chutney Popadums 100g £1

      Our Mango Chutney Poppadum Curls are a Sweet & Tangy Lentil Snack made from the finest quality ingredients..
      From £1.00

      Jyoti Full Pooja Items 170g

      As the name suggests- Sampoorna Puja Samagri is a kit which allows you to do all basic Pujas.

      Britannia Good Day Pista-Almond Cookies 72g

      Britannia Good Day Rich Pista Badam Cookies are fine cookies flavored with real pista and badam. Britannia good day rich pista badam cookies are made of the finest ingredients and are a real treat to the taste senses. Suitable for all ages, Britannia good day rich pista badam cookies are 100% vegetarian and can be eaten as snacks anytime anywhere. Britannia good day rich pista badam cookies are a wholesome and healthy way to quench your hunger. One of the finest producers of baked goods, Britannia began in 1892 at a small place known as Calcutta (now Kolkata). Armed with an investment of just Rs.295 and the will to succeed, Britannia had a humble beginning, but their dreams were big enough to show them the way towards success. With the onset of the electrical revolution, Britannia mechanised its operations and in 1921, it was the first company to use imported gas ovens. Ever since, business at Britannia flourished, but more importantly, Britannia began to gain a worldwide reputation for its unbeatable quality and value. Therefore, help yourself with some of our Britannia good day rich pista badam cookies and have a good day
      From £0.49

      Jalpur Besan ( Gram) Flour 2 Kg

      The Jalpur Besan Flour is milled and packed in the UK using only the best chana dal. Jalpur besan flour is made from 100% chana dal (Split Chick Peas). The jalpur brand is on of the UK's leading flour and spices manufacturer. **Allergen Advice** (Jalpur products are packed and produced in a mill that handles wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, mustard, sesame and soya)
      £4.59 £3.99

      Laxmi Narayan Best Chiwda 400g

      From £3.50

      Fudco Gulal Puja Powder 40g

      Fudco Gulal Puja Powder
      £3.99 £1.49

      Fudco Roasted & Salted Jumbo Pistachio 700g

      Good for Health, Suitable for vegetarians.
      From £11.99

      Jalpur Mathia ( Lentil ) Flour 1Kg

      Mathia flour, similar to peasemeal, made of peas and lentils. Used mostly in Indian cooking for making many varieties. **Allergen Advice** (Jalpur products are packed and produced in a mill that handles wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, mustard, sesame and soya)-All products will be shipped from the UK
      £3.39 £2.79

      Yash Mathiya 200g

      £5.99 £3.49

      Fudco Sindoor Powder 50g

      Made From 100% Natural Ingredients, Floral Pigments & Herbal Extracts Completely Free From Mercury, Lead & Harmful Chemicals Does Not Cause Skin Allergies Does Not Trigger Hair Fall Or Baldness Available In Shades Red
      £2.99 £1.50

      Fudco Almonds (Badam) 700g

      Fudco Almonds are rich in nutrients especially Magnesium which helps curb down Hypertension & maintain good heart health.
      From £7.99

      Jalpur Adadia Flour 1kg

      Jalpur Adadia Flour is a coarse matpebean flour. It is used to make sweet Indian dishes.

      Fudco Abil Pooja Powder 40g

      Have a wonderful Puja with this Abil Powder. White abil powder is used in several rituals as an offering to the deities and religious functions like Sanskars, Vidhies, Marriges, Navgrah pujas.
      £1.49 £0.99

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