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    What is the Gluten-Free Diet?
    (0) What is the Gluten-Free Diet?

    Many believe that the diet is solely a fast thanks to slimming down. This, however, isn't true. The diet is presently the sole treatment for individuals with upset. individuals living with non-celiac protein sensitivity (‘gluten sensitivity’) additionally take pleasure in consuming gluten-free. Sinc...


    Cooling and reviving mint takes off are one of the foremost popular herbs in the world. Each Indian family has the nearness of this zingy herb as a sprint of these delightful clear out can make nearly every dinner top notch. Prevalently known as Pudina in India, the mint takes off are the portion of...

    5 refreshing summer juices to make at home
    (0) 5 refreshing summer juices to make at home

    Summer calls for a few yummy and reviving drinks that will cool down your framework and assist you to remain hydrated and enthusiastic all through the day. Packaged drinks are filled with counterfeit sweeteners and colours that make them unhealthy. However, you'll be able effectively to make summer ...

    How to stay fit during Ramadan?
    (0) How to stay fit during Ramadan?

    One of the most anticipated a very long time of the Islamic year is at last here. Ramadan is the most hallowed month in the Islamic schedule where Muslims control their selves from food and drink from sunrise to nightfall. Nothing can be consumed during these hours. Individuals are additionally urge...

    Holi Festival of colors
    (0) Holi Festival of colors

    Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated withinside the Indian subcontinent, in any other case known as the "carnival of colourings" or the "festival of love". The celebration manner the achievement of well-completed underhandedness, the access of spring, the give up of winter, and for a few, a bu...


    Happy International Women's Day 2022: Women's Day is celebrated to honour womanhood and the achievements of women. The day also aims to highlight the importance of gender neutral society.

    International Women's Day is being celebrated today on March 8 across the globe. The day aims to highlight ...

    Ride to Indian Cuisines
    (0) Ride to Indian Cuisines

    If you think you know Indian food, think again. Most people's forays into Indian cuisine include the usual suspects like curry, naan, samosas, or tandoori chicken, but chances are, anything else is still a mystery. Once you venture outside your comfort zone, you'll discover Indian cuisine is elegant...

    Masoor Dal Full Of Health
    (0) Masoor Dal Full Of Health

    Masoor dal is a versatile and healthy red lentil that makes for a filling and delicious meal with rice, roti, or naan. 

    Masoor dal is very easy to prepare as it does not need any prior soaking.

    One can churn out many varieties like Masoor Dal curry, Masoor Dal khichadi, Masoor Dal Kachori, and...

    Edible Coconut Oil
    (0) Edible Coconut Oil
    just remember to buy the variety (virgin or refined) according to your taste preferences. Some people also stir coconut oil into their coffee for a morning boost. Eating it cold is another option; spread a small amount of the more flavourful virgin coconut oil on toast, or consider adding a dollop to a smoothie for the satiating fat.
    Samosa  - Crave, Eat, Repeat!!!!
    (0) Samosa - Crave, Eat, Repeat!!!!

    The Indian samosa is arguably the most recognizable and widely-available Indian food throughout the world. From street vendors to grocery stores to the menu in restaurants small and large, this snack is extremely popular with Indian cuisine. Samosa has a surprisingly rich, diverse history, having tr...


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