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      20 products found.

      Charminar Camphor Tablets 200g ( 16 x 4 tablets)

      Used for wedding ceremonies , poojas and other Hindu rituals.

      Aargee Abil Powder 50g

      The powder comes in a resealable plastic container for easy use and preservation

      Aargee Asthagandh Powder for Pooja

      Aargee Asthagandh Powder for Pooja

      Aargee Black Tal (Til)

      Sesame Seeds

      Stamford White Musk Cones

      Warning: Only for domestic use

      Bombay Chatkaz Gaumutra (for Puja)

      Directions: Put a small amount in the hand and sprinkle in different directions. Mata yashoda poured Gomutra on Krishna to save him from all ill-will. It is a giver of mental and physical strength. It is used while performing sacrifices (Yagya) and used as pesticide in garden or farm. Gomutra is good remedy for skin diseases therefore it is used while bath.

      Bombay Chatkaz Pooja Samagri

      Premium Puja Samagri in sufficient quantity Complete collection of 45 items required for Goddess Maha Lakshmi and Lord Kubera Puja Ideal for Diwali Puja and gifting Includes a detailed booklet with step by step guide to perform Puja with appropriate mantras both in Hindi and English Sturdy and excellent packaging

      Rudraksah Heera


      Ash Catcher Coffin

      Absolutely beautiful hand carved wooden incense boxes, As some wooden ash catchers also have work of brass, high quality Shesham wood(Rosewood),used (She sham Wood is a strong and durable hard wood )

      Satyanarayan Pooja Samagree box Small

      Daily puja pack Satyanarayan puja pack Material- aluminium

      Best Diwali Pooja Kit


      Aargee Pandadiyo Dhoop

      Incense sticks are not only for spiritual purpose but they can light up your mood in the most effective manner. This pack of Premium Fragrance Incense Sticks comes in 4 different packs that contain 1M, Black, Aqua, and CW for everyday use. Created to make your atmosphere positive and energetic these incense sticks can be used in your home and workplace.

      Nadda Chhadi Round

      Nada chhadi for your puja. Perfect for All different puja. Also, Know as Moli / Calaba / Holy Thread / Raksha Sutra / Moli Thread

      Best Cotton Long Wicks Kesar Batti For Puja & Prayer

      These Cotton Wicks are jyot batti for lighting diya / lamp for puja ceremony. Add elegance your Puja rituals with Cotton Wick Jyot Batti and decorate your temples by lighting diya / deepak / lamp / chirag using these cotton wicks

      Swift Little Charcoal for Pooja

      for pooja purpose

      Best Vermillon (Sindoor) Mehroon 55g


      Gopuram Kumkum 1kg

      Used for social and religious markings in Hinduism. For Pooja Purposes only.Export Quality

      Bombay Chatkaz Camphore 50g

      Features: Enhanced shelf life Non-toxicity Less smoke Moisture resistant Purity Strong aroma

      Fudco Pooja Sopari (Betalnut) 100g

      Fudco Pooja Sopari (Betalnut) 100g

      Brown Coconut Each

      Coconuts are the familiar fruit of the coconut palm with a hard brown husk concealing sweet, milky white flesh Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, iron and potassium Weight range: 300g - 500g , typically 400g Store in a cool dry place. Do not consume the outer shell Country of origin may vary between Ghana and India