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      Jyoti Mata Rani Ka Shringar 100g

      Jyoti Mata Rani Ka Shringar is complete set of Mata Ka Shringar. It is a good gift for near and dear ones on special occassions and festivals.

      Fudco Pooja Sopari (Betelnut) 100g

      Fudco Pooja Sopari (Betelnut) 100g
      £1.99 £1.49

      Fudco Kanku powder 50g

      Make your pooja that more special with this Kanku Powder. The powder comes in a resealable plastic container for easy use and preservation.
      £2.99 £1.50

      Fudco Gulal Puja Powder 40g

      Fudco Gulal Puja Powder
      £3.99 £1.49

      Top-Op Sopari for Pooja (Betelnut) 100g

      Top-Op Sopari for Pooja (Betelnut) used for pooja ritual.

      Fudco Sindoor Powder 50g

      Made From 100% Natural Ingredients, Floral Pigments & Herbal Extracts Completely Free From Mercury, Lead & Harmful Chemicals Does Not Cause Skin Allergies Does Not Trigger Hair Fall Or Baldness Available In Shades Red
      £2.99 £1.50

      Golden River Shisha Charcoal Tablets 80g

      Without doubt Golden River is one of the brands with higher quality/cost ratio. Coal – The Golden River with odor in no way affects the taste of the fumada and has an estimated life of between 60 – 80 minutes depending on its use.

      Narpa Hawan Samagri 200g

      Narpa Hawan Samagri is prepared from highly scented & medicated herbs and shrubs. It contains special ingredients in the purest form to purify surroundings and bring happiness. The sacred powder is used for bringing peace, prosperity and other festive occasions.

      Kashi Bibhuti Bhasm 100g

      Vibhuti Is The Sacred Ash Used In Religious Worship In Hinduism. The Main Ingredient Of Vibuthi Is A Special Kind Of Wood. It Is Burned In A Sacred Fire (Homa)To Form White Ash. Vibhuti Is Placed On The Forehead As It Is Considered Sacred And Holy.

      Gangotri Gangajal Water 50ml

      It is our commitment to offer every people pure & holy gangajal. Gangotri gangajal is put through multiple stages of purification & finally packed for use. Strict hygiene conditions are maintained in our plant. Gangotri gangajal contains minerals such as magnesium sulphate and potassium bicarbonate which are essential minerals for healthy living. They not only maintain the pH balance of the body but also help in keeping you fit and energetic at all times. Gangotri gangajal is free of impurities & 100% safe. Enjoy the taste of Purity !

      Fudco Abil Pooja Powder 40g

      Have a wonderful Puja with this Abil Powder. White abil powder is used in several rituals as an offering to the deities and religious functions like Sanskars, Vidhies, Marriges, Navgrah pujas.
      £1.49 £0.99

      Hem Amber Incense Sticks 20 Sticks


      Best Cotton Long Wicks Plain

      Material: Cotton Batti Color: White Handle with care

      Gopuram Haldi and Kumkum Leaf Set 10g

      Used for social & religious markings in Hinduism. Return Gift items for Puja ,Wedding, Engagement, House warming,Shashtiabdapoorthi & other occasions/events.

      Fudco Chandan Pooja Powder 10g

      No added chemicals. Premium quality Chandan Pooja Powder. Used for social & religious markings in Hinduism For Tilak and Pooja / Worship.
      £3.99 £1.99

      Fudco Laxmi Pooja Samagri 1box


      Brown Coconut Each

      Coconuts are the familiar fruit of the coconut palm with a hard brown husk concealing sweet, milky white flesh Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fibre, iron and potassium Weight range: 300g - 500g , typically 400g Store in a cool dry place. Do not consume the outer shell Country of origin may vary between Ghana and India