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      Kohinoor Bombay Mix Namkeen 200g

      Kohinoor Bombay Mix is a spicy hot blend of hot spices which has a tantalizing flavor and taste. It is delight for your taste buds and serves as one of the best savory snack. The Bombay mix is a blend of natural spices and ingredients to enhance the taste.

      KMA Banana Wafer Masala 150g

      Your favourite Banana Wafers get the zing of house spices and hotness!
      £1.99 £1.59

      Cofresh Exotic Mix 350g £1

      Cofresh Exotic Mix is Dry fruit-exotic mix.

      Fudco Potato Sticks 200g

      Made with 100% real potatoes; no artificial flavors or colors Great for topping burgers, hot dogs and pizza; stir into snack mix; snack by the handful Crispy, vegetarian potato sticks with irresistible taste and crunch Gluten-free, non-dairy, no high-fructose corn syrup

      Eazy Sweet & Salted 85g

      One of five a day Easy to make Contains protein Mouth-watering flavour
      £1.99 £0.69

      Fudco Small Sweet Makhana 800g

      Good for health, Suitable for vegetarian.
      £3.99 £3.49

      Dairy Valley Pista Barfi 300g

      Dairy Valley Pista Barfi is the good old Indian Barfi that is made using pistachios and other binding ingredients. Every Indian Mithai serves some or the other purpose and can also be devoured as a nibble. “Pista Barfi” is specially served during the religious festivals of Diwali and Rakshabandhan. They are well-liked by millions around the country.

      Kohinoor Navrattan Mix 200g

      They are perfect for sharing with your family, friends or treasure the solitary moments that you much deserve.

      Kohinoor Plain Bhujia 200g

      Authentic Indian Crunchy potato noodles flavored with spices Specially designed pack for prolonged crispness Suitable for Vegetarians 100% Vegetarians Namkeen

      Balaji Aloo Sev 400g

      Tasty Flavorful Blend Of Spices In An All Time Favorite Snack Enjoy your mealtime with something spicy and mouthwatering Healthy and tasty item for many occasions.
      Picture of Jaimin Soya Stick Onion 200g

      Jaimin Soya Stick Onion 200g

      Crispy and delicious in flavour, No preservatives or artificial flavours added, Zero Cholesterol, Suitable for Vegetarians.
      £1.49 £1.19

      Fudco Original Toasted Corn 400g

      Ingredients Corn, Vegetable Oil & Salt
      £2.09 £1.99

      Ramdev Tropical Gold Hot Kenyan Chevda 400g

      Tropical Hot Kenyan Chevda is a savory snack mix made primarily from Kenyan potatoes, which are reputed to be the sweetest in the world. The potatoes are carefully sourced and nurtured in Kenya, securing the livelihood of thousands of farmers in the region.

      Jagdish Wheat Puff 200g


      Fudco Small Sweet Makhana 300g

      Good for health, Suitable for vegetarian.
      £1.99 £1.69

      Haldiram's Chutneys Khatti Meethi 5 x 70g

      £3.49 £2.99

      Kohinoor Masala Moong 200g

      They are perfect for sharing with your family, friends or treasure the solitary moments that you much deserve.

      Kohinoor Khatta Meetha Namkeen 200g

      Kohinoor Khatta Meetha Namkeen is Sweet and Sour Taste of Potpourri of Rice flakes, Pulses & Peanuts.

      Balaji Ratlami Sev 70g

      Ratlami Sev is a sumptuous snack that is prepared with nutritive gram flour. Sev is known for its rich taste and flavor and therefore turns out to be a favorite amongst the clients. These are recommended for low cholesterol and are seasoned with spices, lemon, and chilly. The healthy and tasty item for many occasions.

      Cofresh Chakri Rice Sticks 200g 99p

      Cofresh offers great quality Indian snacks. Cofresh Chakri sticks is an anytime of the day snack. Eaten straight from the packet, delicious and tasty snack to be enjoyed at any time. Suitable for Vegetarians.