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      Brown & Polson - Original Patent Cornflour

      Brown & Polson - Original Patent Cornflour - 500g

      Jaimin Chakki Gold Atta 5kg

      Complete made from super fine wheat. Excellent quality and good in taste.

      Natco Rice Flour (Atta) 5Kg

      Available i 1.5kg

      Aashirvaad Multigrain Flour (atta) 5Kg

      Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains.

      Natco Rice Flour 1.5Kg

      Free from gluten, preservatives and additives Rice Flour is freshly milled from specially selected rice grains and is perfect for making idlis, dosas and puddings. Rice Flour is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes. Milled to a superfine texture which lightens sponge cakes and makes deliciously smooth sauces.

      Uttam Uphar Rava Idli Instant Mix 400g

      “UTTAM” Rava Idli is a steamed food product, less in calories and lot of nutrition. When served along with Sambhar, it makes a complete South Indian treat. It carries all the benefits of Rava and fermented dough.

      Natco Semolina Fine 5Kg

      Natco Fine Semolina is sifted from the finest quality freshly milled Durum Wheat and ground to a superfine texture.

      Fudco Dosai Instant Mix 500g

      Fudco Dosai Instant Mix 500g Weight : 500g Brand : Fudco

      Patanjali Whole Wheat Flour 4.54Kg

      Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta is completely hygienic food and it has very digestive super product of Patanjali.Patanjali brings us edible and superior quality whole wheat chaki atta which is processed fine and packed with hygienically, the atta gives us soft and healthy rotis.

      Heera Farali Atta ( Fasting Flour) 800g

      The flour is mix of arrowroot, potato, Amaranth, chestnut and some other flours that is consumed during fasting.

      Iwisa No1 Maize Meal 5Kg

      Iwisa No 1 Super Maize Meal 5kg is naturally high in energy and is naturally low fat. Used to make sadsa or pap – a thick, porridge that is eaten with chakalaka, meat or just as a porridge.
      £8.99 £7.99

      Gits Rava Idli Ready Mix 200g

      An alternative to the steamed rice-lentil Idli

      Natco Ground Rice 1.5Kg

      Free from gluten, additives, and preservatives Naturally low in fat Suitable for vegetarians

      Gits Dosai Ready Mix 200g

      A traditional South Indian snack prepared from fermented Rice -Urad dal batter and crisp brown similar to pancake.

      Natco Coconut Flour 1kg

      Our Coconut Flour is pure ground Coconut flesh. Used in South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes and sweets. Widely used to add coconut flavour and thickness without the shreds evident in desiccated coconut. Pure coconut - as simple and delicious as that. Available in 6x1kg bags.

      Gits Rice Idli Ready Mix 500g

      A traditional breakfast of South Indian origin, made from fermented batter of Rice & lentil
      Picture of Dhillons Organic Fresh Chakki Atta 10Kg £9.49

      Dhillons Organic Fresh Chakki Atta 10Kg £9.49

      £12.99 £9.49