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    Winter Care Guide: Keep your Body, Skin & Hair Super Healthy

    Winter Care Guide: Keep your Body, Skin & Hair Super Healthy

    Winter is the most awaited season of the year where you can wear your mittens, slip into a cosy blanket and have numerous cups of lattes. However, it is also the season that brings long odds for body, skin and hair. It is common for everyone to have skin damage, dryness, hair loss, dandruff problems when the climate becomes wet. Further, it invites infection as well. To avoid the complications, you have to show intense care for your health and strengthen the immunity to stay fit. Proper diet, regular exercise, skincare products, Ayurveda will help you stay healthy during the winter season. 

    Health care 

    In winter, the weather will be cold and chilly with lots of moisture. This season is characterized by a feeling of lethargy, and humans will go into a hibernating mode. It invites common cold, viral infections, joint pain, body pain, etc. To care for your health in this season, you have to ensure that you are consuming nutritious food. Here is a list of such foods suggested by Ayurveda to boost immunity. 

    • Chyawanprash: 

    It is a product with antioxidant properties to strengthen the internal defence mechanism system of the body. It will also help in enhancing the immune system and protecting you from infections, stress, colds, stress, etc. 

    • Amla: 

    Remove the seeds, heat the ghee or oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds, asafetida, and fenugreek seeds. With this solution, add the pinch of turmeric, fennel seed powder and rock salt and cook for five minutes. Cool and store it in a glass jar to have before every meal. You can also have amla juice, amla candy or amla powder.

    • Green leafy vegetables: 

    Greeny leafy vegetables are a power-packed source with the necessary nutrients for health. Try to add greeny leaves like spinach, fenugreek, mustard leaves and curry leaves in your everyday diet.

    • Turmeric: 

    A warm glass of turmeric milk is a remedy for healing a variety of ailments. Turmeric is naturally packed with an array of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that fights against cold, cough and chest congestion. You can also include turmeric tea or turmeric juice to your diet.

    • Tulsi: 

    It is the holy basil used in Ayurvedic Kadha preparation to ward off the risk of cough and cold. Tulsi is the powerhouse of antibacterial and antiviral compounds that will also boost immunity naturally. Extract some ginger juice and add tulsi leaves along with some honey. If you don’t have fresh tulsi leaves you can also use tulsi powder or tulsi juice. Having it will help in instant relief. 

    • Herbal tea: 

    Herbs are a source of antioxidants and possess healing properties in the body. These have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will benefit highly during this winter season. Having herbal tea twice a day is one way to preserve health during the winter season. 

    • Herbal oil for muscles and joints: 

    There are lots of herbal oil that will nourish and rejuvenating properties for the joints and muscles. There are lots of such oils like Niharti Maha Narayan Oil, Hesh Maha Narayan Rejuventing Muscle & Joint Oil, and you can use them extensively for massaging. 

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    Winter requires more attention for everybody to pay enough attention to skincare as the body will become dry and lacks hydration. It is the time where your skin will be badly affected, and you may struggle with dry skin, itching, rashes, etc. This brings importance over proper diet and moisturizing. You should also be more careful with dosha and balance with Vata. So, here are some activities you can do for preserving the healthy factor of the skin during winter. 

    • Moisturizer: 

    The ayurvedic moisturizer cream will help in fighting the dryness of the skin. It also repairs the cell damage in the skin and promotes wellness during winter. 

    • Massage oil: 

    You can avail the foot massage oil and rub the oil on the soles of your feet before night. It will help you by deep absorption of oils and renders the foot soft, nourished and supple. You can also have head massage oil to apply on your head regularly. This helps in strengthening the head and forehead. Further, skin on the face will be brightened and paves way for sound sleep and happiness. 

    • Face cream: 

    You can look for the ayurvedic face cream for preserving the face. This face cream will be made of several herbs and offer the necessary nutrition for the skin to make it suitable for the winter. You can find the guidelines to use the cream, and the following will help with the best results. 

    • Rosewater: 

    Rosewater is not only the beauty element, but it also plays a huge role in mental health. It is produced by distilling the rose petals with steam. It helps in balancing the moisture level in the skin and helps in promoting the skin tone and health complexions during the winter. 


    Winter is the season to make you feel stressed with hair loss, increased dandruff, hair damages, etc. You should have proper hair care and nourishment to get rid of such issues. Here are the lists of Ayurvedic products that will help you to maintain the wellness of the hair during winter. 

    • Hair oil: 

    The natural ayurvedic hair oil prevents the hair from thinning. During winter dust may accumulate and tend to reduce hair strength. The oil will be prepared from the natural exotic ingredients and herbs mixed proportionally in the right way. So, the hair will be naturally healthy and feel dandruff and itching free. 

    • Shampoo: 

    The ayurvedic shampoo will be made of the extract of ayurvedic herbs and flowers. All these together will help in preserving the wellness of the roots and prevent hair fall. Further, it also strengthens the hair giving it high density. 

    • Conditioner: 

    Due to cool weather, the hair tends to become limp, dry with the follicles losing their grip on the root of the hair. The right conditioner will cleanse the dirt accumulated on the scalp. Further, it also detangles the dry and damaged hair making it manageable for the winter season. 

    • Deep conditioning hair mask

    The face mask will help in relieving the toxicity from hair and scalp. This makes the scalp more delicate, and it has more sebaceous glands and hair follicles with lower barrier function than any other parts of the body. Overall, you can have healthy, long and lustrous hair. 

    The bottom line 

    A supportive winter season diet and lifestyle will look different from one person to the other from various perspectives. So, adopting the personal changes as per nature will help in aligning yourselves with the rhythms of nature. Now, you have found some products you have to consider having to strengthen your health, skin and hair during the winter seasons. Choose the right products from the right online store and these will help for preserving wellness. 

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