Fasting to Feasting - The Nine days of Navratri
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    Fasting to Feasting - The Nine days of Navratri

    Fasting to Feasting - The Nine days of Navratri


    Festivals have significance and a story behind it. These festivals always give us a message and with that in mind, we celebrate them. India is blessed with so many cultures and festivals play a very important part of our lives. Festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Janmashtami are of great importance and are celebrated keeping the tradition in mind. 

    Its significance:

    When you find the city is bustling with colorful embroidered cholis, ghagra and colourful bandhani dupattas, dazzling with mirror work and heavy jewellery, kedias, music with a lot of drum beats, the raas garba, the sparkling dandiyas, the sashay of the skirt, the excitement of shopping for a nine days extravaganza , and we have just stepped into October the most beautiful and festive month. Its a season to fast for 9 days to bring in the celebration of goddess Durga in a pleasing avatar to all. It is the symbol of victory of good over evil. The nine day festival culminates on the tenth day which is the day of victory and success. This festival also marks the symbolic journey from humanness to divinity thereby reminding people of the real goal of human life. We are talking about ‘NAVRATRI’. 

    Importance of fasting:

    When we talk of celebration then how can we miss the feast, the food and yummy delicacy which comes along. But here it's a time of fasting and abstinence, so is feasting possible?  Fasting is a part of its celebration. Usually, people keep the fast for religious reasons. Fast is observed by people for seven or eight days. It is believed that by fasting or upvaas, one can purify their body, mind and soul. Sacrificing your personal interest during these nine days is another form of pleasing God and yet another form of devotion to goddess Durga. Stories of Maa Durga revealing these rules for fasting in-person to her ardent devotees are also heard of. There are yet some others who find an auspicious way to detoxify their body. Some people find it a good way to lose weight but end up eating all the wrong things the wrong way and the entire calculation goes wrong. During the days of fast normally people avoid eating meat, grains, alcohol, onion, garlic etc. In fact this is the time they get back to foods like roots, fruits easy to digest food like kuttu atta, singhara atta, fresh vegetables, milk, yoghurt and makhanas as they are light. Rock salt is preferred to normal salt.

    From fasting to feasting:

    But with smart and healthy thinking you can cook your meals and convert your fasting to a nine day feasting time. Yes, there are restrictions as to what to eat and what to avoid but with the options available you can definitely have a healthy, enjoyable nine day celebration.


    Going Back to your roots:

    Let's explore some of the food to help you through this nine day fast.

    Loaded with starch and high in carb this is the most opted item in eating as it gives you the energy, keeps you feeling full to pull on the day. A mild snack with peanuts and spices can just make your day. Some interesting dishes you can try is sabudana khichidi, sabudana wada, sabudana keer, sabudana ladoo or sabudana thalipeeth.

    Potato is the king of fasting food. It is the most experimented root in the kitchen. You fry it, roast it, boil it, cook it, steam it in any form it is just so yummy and tasty. Simple aloo palak, jeera aloo, aloo tamatar sabzi, aloo paneer kofta, dahi aloo, aloo makhana, sun dried potato chips, Farali batata vada, aloo chaat, farali pattice using either water chestnut flour(singhare atta) or buckwheat flour(kuttu ka atta) for binding. Aloo sabzi or curry can also be complemented with puri or bhakri made with these flours as well. Aloo tuk a quick sindhi dish.

    • Kuttu Atta(Buckwheat flour) or Singahre ka atta(water chestnut flour): 

    These are the ingredients which are used either as binding agent or to make puri, roti, bhakri, parathas, crisp kuttu dosa or pakora, kebab etc.

    Arbi is again one of the most popular fasting food. Delicious snacks like arbi fry, arbi dry, dhai arbi, arbi  tikkis, patties or cutlets, arbi curry or arbi masala can brighten any dull moments of fasting.

    In fasting, if you still crave for a sweet flavour even in your savoury then you definitely need to add sweet potato in the menu like sweet potato kheer, shakarkandi sabzi, halwa, laddoo, chaat etc.


    Ready to eat snacks just for you:

    And for all those who want to simply feast on ready to eat fasting snacks we have them available to you at our store. We at Just have always known are customers and their needs well. We have loaded our shelves with a wide variety of fasting items arranged especially for all of you here in the UK this festive and auspicious month of October. Place your order right now and we assure you of our best services and that to at reasonable prices. So don't let the festival drain your energy rather let your fast turn to feasting with all the right, healthy products available to you at our store just a click away. Listed below are a few of the lip-smacking ready to eat snacks available for at the stores at


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    • Fudco Sabudaana

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    Also available are:

    • Banana chips

    • Potatoes

    • Matoke ( Green Banana)

    • Fruits

    • Rajgiro Flour, 

    • Peanuts 


    from all of us at JustHaat



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