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    Natco Sona Masoori Rice 10kg

    Manufacturer: Natco
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    Natco Sona Masoori Rice 10kg


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    Blog posts about this product
    Khichdi The Most Comforting Indian Food

    Khichdi is the most comforting food in India, where it is one of the most loved dishes across India. It is the most preferred healthy food yet yummy and tasty. The main ingredients of khichdi are rice, lentils, and veggies, which are cooked with tempered spices. Every region's cooking style is different, and they have their own variety. Nowadays, many variations are added to humble khichdi, and everyone loves those new additions too. Crave a bowl of healthy, delicious and sumptuous homemade comfort food. Here let us discuss about including khichdi in your diet:

    Benefits of Khichdi

    Khichdi is one of the most nutritious and best Indian food, where it is a mixture of rice and a variety of lentils like yellow, green or red split lentils. The light amount of spice is made as a comforting meal for grown-ups when they are sick. It is best for sick people, children and older people as it is easy to digest, healthy, and tasty too. It is a great meal to consume even when you are well. Khichdi is made of simple compositions, and it is considered as the necessary thing edible in sickness. Here is the list of amazing health benefits of Khichdi that you are not aware of.

    • One-pot meal

    As you are childhood, you have heard your mother or grandmother saying that Khichdi is good for your health. Well, it is right. Khichdi is not only a mixture of rice, lentils and veggies but the source of different nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, dietary fibres, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It is a one-pot meal loaded with wholesome goodness. You can enhance its nutritional values and taste by adding different vegetables and a dollop of ghee.

    • Easy to cook

    Khichdi is a meal for all seasons which is easy to cook and needs very less preparation time. It is the perfect combination of rice, dal or other grains and dal like bajra, broken wheat etc. It is a quick, balanced and wholesome meal that is cooked in a very quick time. Also, with its nutritional value, it helps to maintain health.

    • Easy to digest

    Khichdi, with its wholesome ingredients prepared with light spices, which made it easy on the stomach and intestines. This makes it an ideal meal for sick people. It is full of nutrition and is also a perfect source for children, sick and older people. Khichdi can surely be a great option for change from spicy food.

    • Part of the Trisohic routine

    Khichdi is a part of the Ayurvedic diet because it can balance three doshas – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. This makes it a part of Tridoshic routing. Khichdi calms the digestive system and detoxifies it. Also, the ingredients in Khichdi will help to boost immunity, energy and maintain a healthy digestive system.

    • Free of Gluten

    People, who do not want to add gluten to their food, can go for Khichdi. As the rice or lentils does not contain any gluten. It is helpful for people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease gives rise to several gastrointestinal symptoms. Patients who have rapid symptoms of this disease can opt for a gluten-free diet. Khichdi aids in weight loss and prevents ailments like steatorrhea and diarrhoea.

    • Reduces blood sugar levels

    Khichadi significantly reduces blood sugar levels. The ingredients in Khichdi, such as lentils, lower your blood glucose levels and improve your body’s response to carbohydrates which benefits people with diabetes.

    Here are some of the most famous khichdi of India

    • Moong dal Khichdi

    Moong dal Khichdi is a comforting and healthy meal made with rice and lentils. It is an all seasonal food which is good for your health. This dish is made by blending wheat kernels and moong dal in the cooker. It is prepared by adding some spices for taste which really makes it a tempered dish. Also, this is a diabetic-friendly dish that is easy to prepare. You can have it for dinner or lunch.

    •  Masala Khichdi

    Masala khichdi is a healthy and spicy variation that is coupled with types of dals, vegetables and tempered with spices and ghee. The preparation method of this khichdi is simple. Masala is a consistency of bay leaf, green cardamom, turmeric, cloves, cumin and asafoetida. Everyone loves spicy masala khichdi.

    • Bajra Khichdi

    Bajra Khichdi is a Rajasthani khichdi with a unique flavour of taste as it does not use rice. The main ingredient of this Khichdi is sorghum (Jowar) or Bajra (millet). Usually, it is served with accompaniments like Lehsun (garlic) chutney or pickles, curd. Some people love to eat their Bajra khichdi with some roasted dry fruits.

    • Bissi Bele Baath

    Bissi Bele Bath kichadi is a spicy dish prepared with rice, Arhar dal, jaggery, veggies, tamarind, curry leaves and spices. Bissi Bele Baath originates from the Indian state of Karnataka. The spiciest ingredients are loved by all, and you will really love this. When you cook this, your family members will ask you to prepare this dish again and again. It is as delicious as you think.

    • Gehun Ki Bikaneri Khichdi

    Gehun Ki Bikaneri Khichdi is made by blending wheat kernels and moong dal. It is prepared in pressure cooking with tempered Indian spices. This recipe is a part of Rajasthan. This is the place, people mostly prefer to eat more wheat than rice, and many of their dishes consist of wheat. Gehun Ki Bikaneri Khichdi is best for diabetic patients as well. It is easy to prepare.

    • Pongal

    Ven Pongal or Kara Pongal is the most popular dish in the state of Tamil Nadu. In most parts of the country, it is a breakfast rather than lunch or dinner. Its ingredients are mustard seeds, ginger and asafoetida. This dish is garnished with cashews for the added taste. This dish is easy to prepare. It is delicious and loved by all age groups of people.

    • Bengali khichuri

    Bengali khichuri is a dish from Bengal made with rice, roasted moong dal, ginger and ghee. Usually, it does not contain any onion or garlic and is offered as Prasad for puja. Many of them like to eat plain khichuri, and some prefer to add potatoes, peas, tomatoes or any healthy vegetables of their choice. Prepare this delicious dish and enjoy the flavoured taste.

    Khichdi is one of the most famous dishes of India, which is prepared almost in every household. Everyone's taste is different, and everyone prefers to prepare the different varieties. When you have all the ingredients in hand, you can prepare it easily and quickly. Also, you will enjoy eating this delicious dish. The main ingredients needed to prepare khichdi are rice, dal, spices, ghee, oil, etc. You can buy these ingredients from one of the best online Indian grocery store in UK.

    JustHaat is one of the largest Online Asian grocery supermarkets where you can get the best quality groceries at low prices. Also, JustHaat offers a huge collection of different Indian rice like basmati rice, Sona masoori rice, ponni rice, brown rice, red rice, sticky rice and much more. Get all your monthly groceries essentials at your doorstep with So shop now and enjoy the convenience of online grocery shopping with JustHaat!


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