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    Why Eating Indian Food is Actually Healthy!

    Why Eating Indian Food is Actually Healthy!

    The Problem

    Have you ever asked for the directions from a person to a specific place in India?

    I am sure you would have got an “answer” but the point is, was it correct? Maybe yes maybe no but the thing that needs to be noticed is very few people will say “I don’t know”, because, everyone here has an answer! The same thing happens with food too, if you ask a question about it you will get diverse answers ranging from negative to positive. With those diverse answers, you will get confused in understanding about our food.

    Let’s understand it from the point of view of science and figure out that Indian Food is good or bad for our health.

    The Remedy

    Indian food embraces the essence of every Indian culture. Though the Indian food holds a tag of spicy, hot, greasy, heavy and fatty, the one thing that is not likely to come across your mind is the use of authentic spices that are actually important for your health. Like this, there are a whole lot of benefits of Indian food that go unnoticed. Here are the reasons why you should stick with an Indian Diet.

    •    The cooking procedure

    Preparation of Indian cuisines is one of the main reasons why it is healthy. Other cooking processes lower the health benefits of vegetables but the Indian cooking style grips all the nutrients of the food and optimize the benefits provided by that.

    •    Spices with medicinal properties

    The Indian spices include Turmeric, Garlic, Green Chillies, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cumin, Fenugreek and many more which are not only for flavour but also have medicinal and healing properties. These spices make your meal healthier.

    •    Contains a whole lot of Grains

    Barley, Millet, Wheat, and other rice grains are some of the most used grains in Indian food. The grains are high in dietary fibre and which enhances the body’s health and functioning. Pulses are also one of the sources of nutrition that are available in an ample amount.

    •    Fewer Preservatives

    The traditional Indian cooking involves fresh vegetables and cooking from scratch which makes the food healthier and preservatives free. The Indian style of cooking makes the dishes eliminates the nutrients and carbs that are not required for your body.

    •    Authentic Oils

    With a variety of vegetables and spices India also has oils in abundance. Mustard, peanut, coconut, and groundnut oil are some of the healthiest choices an individual can make for cooking food.

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    •    Pickles

    The pickles are the most important part of Indian cuisines. Made with the precise quantity of rock salt and oil, pickles are the best probiotics for your body. Also, fruits and vegetables are used for the preparation of pickles that offer a variety of health benefits.

    The Indian cuisines have always been so nutritious, healthy, and nurturing. The Indian diet is the healthiest diet and the most important problem is that while having the most nutritious diet we still keep on shifting to different diets. Cooked with utmost precision and care there is hardly any other food as healthy as Indian food. 

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