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    Dr. Nature Basmati Rice 5kg

    Manufacturers: Dr.Nature , Other Manufactures
    This great quality Basmati rice has a lovely aroma with long slender grains and a nutty flavour. The key to the quality of this rice starts with the raw materials but moreover, it's down to the ageing process. Dr. Nature Basmati Rice has Extra-long grains for the perfect dish and an Extra aroma for the taste you love. Also, Dr. Nature Basmati Rice is Gluten-free, GMO-free, 100% Natural.
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    This rice is matured in temperature controlled silos which results in a rice that only swells length ways, giving you a dry, fluffy rice with distinctly separate grains and really easy to cook.

    So often we get fobbed off with poor quality Basmati rice which is tricky to cook and results in a horrible starchy, sticky mess.

    Give this rice a try, we promise you'll really love it.

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