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      Darasan Malis Lep 35g

      Daharasa Lep under the trade name "Dharasana". Dharasana Malish Tel and Dharasana Lep are two main products, both are ayurvedic products.
      £3.99 £2.99

      Anuspa Kesar Soap 125g


      Tiger Balm White Ointment 19g

      For Relief of Muscular Pain, Insect Bites, Stuffy Nose , Relieves your Pain , Original Tiger Balm Products .

      Anuspa Soap Aloevera 125g

      Inspired by traditional Indian Healing Wisdom, this soap is enriched with Aloe vera- Nature's silent healer, combined with Vitamin E which provides effective cleansing while maintaining skin's moisture balance and improving it's texture. This dual combination also nourishes and restores the natural vitality of skin, making it youthful and soft.Ingredients- Aloevera gel, Vitamin E.

      Tibet Snow Cold Cream 50g

      The skin care with exquisite perfume , It can also be used as an after shaving cream .

      Anjana Antiseptic Shaving Alum 100g

      Alum is a natural mineral found in Europe Has been used by Egyptians for more than 4000 years Calms razor burn & soothes irritations during shaving Helps stop bleeding in case of nick or cut Unscented Suitable for all skin type000 years

      Best Vermillon (Sindoor) Mehroon 55g


      Euthymol Original Toothpaste 75ml

      Euthymol Original Toothpaste has a special blend of antiseptic ingredients and essential flavor oils to help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. No other toothpaste has the unique strong taste of Euthymol.
      £3.99 £3.49

      Assorted Resin Large Ganpati 15"


      SriSri Sudanta Cinnamon Flavour Toothpaste 100g

      Sri Sri Ayurveda Sudanta Toothpaste , Makes teeth strong , Dental care .

      Tiger Balm Red Ointment 19g

      Tiger Balm It can be used during warm up before exercise or to ease soreness after working out , Warm relief for muscle pains, Can be used in itching due to insect bites , Quick and effective, Fast acting pain relief properties .

      Vicks Vaporub 50g

      With its unique and time-trusted formula, Vicks VapoRub gives you relief from cough and cold for 8 hours, so you and your family can sleep and dream happily , Suitable for adults and children above 2 years old , Relieves Cough, nasal congestion, body ache, headache, muscle stiffness .