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    How to Clean Your Groceries During COVID-19?

    How to Clean Your Groceries During COVID-19?

    Today, the regular work of the people all over the nation has come to halt due to the pandemic virus, COVID-19. This created a huge impact in several areas and when it comes to shopping, it came to a bare minimum. Most people are avoiding moving out and the government is also encouraging the people to be at their homes. As there is no proper medicine discovered for the virus, some activities like washing hands frequently, avoiding crowded places, online delivery, etc can be the only possible way to stop spreading the virus. 

    Though you get all things and groceries at home, you need some measures to ensure the groceries are not affected by a virus because the people who deliver the groceries at home are also human. Here are some ways to clean groceries during Covid-19 spread.

    Can the virus live in food products?

    Concerning the food safety website, the virus can live on food items and transmit to the people who touch it. However, when it is raw food, it will die when you are cooking under high temperatures and the correct length of time. Besides, people need to ensure that they wash their hands with the right soppy solution at least for 20 seconds before they start cooking. On the flip side, it is not advisable to order already cooking food as the chance for the virus transmission is high.

    Avoid groceries from crowded place

    Experts recommend limiting the grocery to have only one in two weeks. This will stop you from moving out for buying groceries and the risk of transmission through the groceries can be avoided. If you feel that more people assemble to place as the crowd and if the supermarket or the grocery store is not following the right measure to make the place virus-free, it is better to avoid the place. As the instructions of the government, people should be under the distance of 6 feet, wear a mask, and wash hands. So, the supermarket should allow some very limited number of people at the given time. They should also follow some preventive measures like checking for viruses through screening, keep sanitizer at the entrance, etc.

    Leave it for a few days

    Based on the nature of the grocery items, you can stop using it for some time. The virus can live on plastic covers for 72 hours and 24 hours on cardboard. So, keep it away from the normal working area and prevent touching for a particular time. Later, you can start using it. When you need to immediately use it, try to cook it at a high temperature and avoid raw food.

    Steps to clean groceries at your home 

    Step 1: Make sure you wash your hands at least for 20 seconds and keep the grocery bag in the clearing area. Use the right disinfectant and clean the area. 


    Step 2: Wear the right disposable gloves before you touch to clean them. Also, make sure you are cleaning the area have enough ventilation. 


    Step 3: You can use some diluted household with a bleach solution or alcohol-based solution that contains at least 70% of alcohol for cleaning groceries at home.


    Step 4: Follow the instructions given in the product’s cleaning procedure and make sure you have not purchased any product the crossed the expiry date. 


    Step 5: If possible to dry it in the Sun, you can also follow it. Remember that virus loves moisture it is a great enemy for the sun. Wash your hands completely for 20 seconds when you finish the work. 

    The bottom line

    Overall, as the pandemic virus is fatal for more people, avoiding spreading it is the only possible thing that people can do as per today. So, unless you follow such important advice from the experts, it is not possible to get rid of the virus. Thus, let the entire mankind fight against the virus in all possible ways and stay safe by disposing of the virus completely.


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