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    Greenfields Lime Powder 100g

    Manufacturer: Greenfields
    Greenfields Lime Powder or Lumi / Black Lime Powder is a classic ingredient of Middle eastern cuisine. Lime Powder is also called loomi or loumi or lumi or black limes. Black limes are actually whole dried sun-dried limes that are then ground down into this deep black-green powder. Dried loumi has a bittersweet flavour
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    Loomi powder comes from powdered black limes, Citrus aurantifolia. Black limes are whole, sun-dried limes. These are 2.5-4cm in diameter (1-1.5 inches).

    The limes are picked, then boiled in salt water, before being dried out in the sun. Black limes have a colour that ranges from a light tan colour through to a very dark brown, which is almost black, with around 10 darker tan longitudinal stripes going from end to end. Inside the broken black limes, there is a dark sticky pith that has a pungent citrus aroma.

    Originally, black limes came from Persia, so sometimes particular people call for a black Persian lime.

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