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    Vatika Naturals Egg-Protien Hair Oil 200ml

    Manufacturer: Dabur Vatika
    Vatika Shampoo Egg Protein Rejuvenating Shampoo Egg helps make hair stronger, adds shine and makes hair healthy Honey, coats and seals essential moisture into each hair strand
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    Vatika Egg Protein Rejuvenating Shampoo is designed for people with damaged hair or split ends. Egg, known as a rich source of protein, helps make hair stronger, adds shine and makes hair healthy. The formulation of this product contains egg proteins that help nourish your hair while the honey extract helps make your hair smoother. Regular use of the shampoo should helps fortify your hair and reduce split ends. Although eggs are not usually considered to have a pleasant smell, Vatika Egg Protein Rejuvenating Shampoo utilizes various stabilizers, preservatives and fragrances to ensure that this shampoo has a pleasing fragrance. It also lathers quite easily so a fairly small amount may be enough for washing your hair and is suitable for all hair types. How to use: Apply on wet hair & massage gently from root to tip for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off and repeat the above procedure again if you feel the need. Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes. In case it does enter the eye, flush your eyes with clean water till your eyes feel clear. In case the problem still persists, you should seek medical assistance.

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