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    TRS Banana Flavouring Essence 28ml

    TRS Banana Flavouring Essence 28ml

    TRS Flavouring Essence is a Non alcoholic concentrated flavouring for all your baking needs. Ideal for making cakes, Boiled Sweets, Cake Frosting/Icing Biscuits, fondant, creams or Fudge. Well, anything you want really! The bottle gives you an idea of the quantity to use: Cakes Up to 2 teaspoons (10ml) per kg, Boiled sweets and biscuits up to 3 teaspoons (15ml) per kg, and creams, fondants, icings and fudges up to 1 teaspoon (5ml) per kg depending on taste. Great for Baking, so make sure you get enough bottles. Excellent as a gift! Yummy!