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    Tropical Sun Organic Coconut Sugar 500g

    Manufacturer: Tropical
    High in Potassium Source of Calcium Source of Iron Suitable for vegans Perfect for sweetening Tea & Coffee. Great for Baking.
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    Although Tropical Sun is sweet enough, we couldn't resist binging you our utterly delicious Organic Coconut Sugar. Derived from the coconut palm tree, not only is it a healthier alternative to table sugar, with a lower glycaemic index (GI) than sugar, it tastes utterly divine and is also gluten-free! 


    100% Organic Coconut Palm Sugar


    Use our Organic Coconut Sugar to sweeten anything that you would like from cakes, brownies, and other sweet treats to tea, coffee, and smoothies. Simply substitute the same amount of our Organic Coconut Sugar in any recipe which calls for sugar, honey, or agave. Enjoy!

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