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    Different Varieties of Tea you can Buy from JustHaat

    Different Varieties of Tea you can Buy from JustHaat

    Tea is the most popular ancient drink on the planet, where its rich and varied taste has been adopted and enjoyed by major civilization. Everyone loves tea due to its pleasing flavour, taste, aroma and refreshment it gives to the mind. Also, it is the Indians most famous beverage. Tea is a refreshment drink, and most people start their day with tea. This beverage has the power to do wonders and boost your immune system, fight off inflammation and even ward off cancer and heart disease. It provides many health advantages, so drink it regularly to have a lasting impact on your wellness. 

    There is a wide variety of tea available, and everyone likes to have their favourite version of tea. Different flavoured teas have their own taste, and when you taste them, you will surely fall in love with them. Its superb taste and refreshments are based on the quality of tea leaves and all other ingredients like tea masala, spices like clove, cinnamon, fresh herbs like mint leaves, ginger and much more. 

    Here is the list of a complete range of premium quality tea available at Visit online grocery supermarket and explore the varied range of high-quality tea products available and get them at the best price.

    It is a spiced tea made with quality tea leaves, which is blended with spices. This aromatic spiced tea refreshes and brightens your morning. Some of them start with a warm cup of tea when the guests arrive, and the fun conversations are surrounded around chai. Do you know what makes an authentic masala chai? It uses freshly ground whole spices, i.e. fresh ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves etc., all of the flavorful warm spices. Boil the water and add masala tea and stir milk and sugar with it. Boil it well and enjoy the cup of tea. 

    When you see its benefit, masala chai on its own is acidic in nature. All the spices in the chai masala have lots of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. The main benefit is that it reduces fatigue. Whenever you are tired, a cup of tea brightens up. The tannins present in tea revitalize and calm the body. 

    Well, you know that turmeric contains powerful medicinal properties and drinking turmeric tea is extremely good for your health. It provides incredible health benefits. Royal turmeric chai made up of golden turmeric and green tea, and the unique blend of flavours boost the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a delicious and healthy drink, and when you drink it daily, it relieves pain and inflammation. Turmeric tea provides immune system support, reduced inflammation, heart health, brain health, cancer prevention and treatment. If you are a lover of turmeric tea, then get yourself the best turmeric tea from

    Herbal is the medicinal plants that are the basis of traditional medicine. Herbal plants have their medicinal, tonic, culinary, toxic, hallucinatory, aromatic or magical powers. Herbal tea is prepared with medicinal plants. When you have this herbal tea, its herbal supplements help treat diseases and maintain good health. Generally, drinking herbal tea enhances general health and wellbeing. Its awesome aromatic flavoured taste invites everyone to drink more and more. If you are concerned about your well being, then drink herbal tea daily. 

    Kashmiri pink chai has a rich, creamy and sweet taste. If anyone tastes it, they will really fell in love with its distinct taste, flavour and aroma. It’s a noon chai that refreshes in the heat and resists cold during winters. With its properties, it prevents heartburn and bloating and reduces stress and anxiety. If you have children, then buy this Kashmiri Pink tea. They surely love this. And drinking this tea will improve their immune system. This tea contains all the necessary nutrients that strengthen bones, lowers calories, heart health, healthy digestion, etc. Enjoy this Kashmiri pink tea here in the UK by ordering it online from

    The Girner pure and fresh premium Assam tea contains the common ingredient in many blends, and almost all of it is popular. It improves your immunity. Its strong malty flavour gives a stronger base and depth. This tea refreshes you and makes you stronger, sharper, and maltier. The strong aroma of taste is a wonderful base for chai teas. Drinking this Assam tea benefits your health in several ways where it strengthens your immune system, promotes weight loss, anticancer property, lowering blood sugar and protects against neurodegenerative disease. 

    Moringa tea contains a high nutritional value. It’s a healthy herbal tea, where the moringa leaves keep your body healthy and away from diseases. It benefits your health in incredible ways, as this tea contains essential vitamins and minerals and rich in antioxidants. It is best to take for the energy production and start your day with full energy. The main benefits of moringa tea are fat loss, blood pressure control, blood sugar control, fighting cholesterol build-up, and beauty benefits. Enjoy this moringa tea and have a refreshing day. 

    • Jasmine Tea 

    This is a green tea with infused jasmine flowers with the aroma of blossoms. Drinking jasmine tea is a pleasurable experience, where its nutritional properties provide many health benefits. It contains essential vitamins and minerals. The tea provides the health benefits of lower risk of cancer, bursting with antioxidants, aid weight loss, protect good oral health, boost brain function, and reduce type 2 diabetes. With the aroma rich taste, take care of your well being by drinking jasmine tea. 

    This tea is grown in Kenya, which is named Kenya tea. It is the finest black tea in the world which contains a rich aroma and full-bodied taste from Kenya’s Rat Valley highlands. It is grown above 7000 feet sea level where there is generous rainfall and perfect climatic conditions. This high-quality tea gives a rich taste, and it is perfect for your snack time. Its ultimate taste refreshes you and provides many health benefits. When you see its health benefits, it has a high level of antioxidants that provides improved vision, lower cholesterol, anti-cancer benefits, and increased metabolism and anti-ageing properties. It’s a better choice for cancer treatment. 

    Wrapping It Up

    Tea is the favourite drink for Indians, and some are much addicted to tea because of its incredible taste, refreshment it gives and health benefits. The refreshing hot beverage is available in different flavours nowadays, and you can enjoy it as per your personal taste and choice.  

    If you want to explore and looking to buy all these types of best quality Indian tea online, then visit right now. Justhaat is one of the most trusted online Indian grocery store which provides high-quality grocery essentials at an affordable rate. Order online from at the comfort of your home and receive your grocery delivered at your doorstep on time. We provide all type of Indian and Asian groceries, so when you are ordering the Indian tea, order other monthly grocery essential items too. Enjoy easy online grocery shopping with us! Until next time, take care, stay super healthy!

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