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    Tatley Ginger Tea 144g

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    Premium black tea blended with ginger flavor The lively and spicy taste A natural source of antioxidants Discover the tea that Tetley has been perfecting for over 170 years
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    Tetley tea is the number one selling brand of tea. There's no better tea than Tetley. Tetley assures a perfect cup of tea every time. Enjoy a superior cup of tea from Tetley. Tetley's tea is a premium English blend enjoyed by generations of tea lovers around the world. Made with premium choice teas selected and blended to perfection for over 160 years. This is a richer blend of Tetley's finest teas for a more aromatic and satisfying brew. It is also a natural beverage rich that is rich in antioxidants. Don't forget to try our other wonderful flavors from Tetley: Elaichi, Masala, and Ginger, Green Tea, Green Tea with Honey, Black and Green, and Golden Tips!

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