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    Stainless Steel Flowcare Fruits Pan

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    Round Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Food Strainer Basket Vegetable Fruit Noodles Colander Stainless steel colander is made of durable and attractive stainless steel with a sturdy base and convenient side handles. The product has been made attractive with the bright color. It is perfect for draining and rinsing foods such as pasta/ seafood/ fresh fruits/ salads/ herbs and vegetables The unique leaf design makes the colander extremely flexible. Ultimate kitchen gadget that collapses to a tenth of in-use size in one swift movement, Multi-purpose usage; steam, strain and serve
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    PERFECT FOR GRAINS AND PASTAS: The holes in this colander are small enough that you can strain cooked grains, including rice, quinoas, pasta and most beans, pastas, as well as fruits and vegetables without any worries of clogging. Our robust sieve holds onto your spaghetti noodles and stops small foods from falling through. Perfect to rinse, sieve, cooking, and even as vegetable steamer!

    NO MORE FRUSTRATION OF WASTING FOOD: Perfect holes sizes for washing, rinsing, straining, draining, serving which save your quinoas, pasta and most beans, pastas without any worries of wastage of food, perfectly measured small and closely spaced holes will drop water faster so you don't have to worry about spaghetti won't fall through the holes. You can wash fruits and vegetables asily too.

    LIGHT WEIGHT BUT STURDY: With heavy duty handles and elegant stand base Water will drop faster because of base, easy storage ways are also available like ear handles when you are not using it, you can easily hang it with any stand or wall.


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