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      Greenfields Ground Cloves 75g


      Greenfields Chia Seed 100g


      Natco Cassia Sticks 400g

      Similar to cinnamon but with a coarser, thicker bark. The taste is stronger than true cinnamon with a very subtle clove undernote. Used in pilau's, lamb and other meat dishes.

      Greenfields Tarragon 40g

      Store In A Dry Cool Place

      Vandevi Compounded Asafoetida (Hing) 500g

      Vandevi , Asafoedita, asafoetida, hing , This spice is a mix of many ingredients for it to be edible .

      Natco Star Aniseed (Jars) 50g

      This aromatic spice has an aniseed-like taste and is used in Chinese spice blends. Great on spare-ribs, crispy duck, roast chicken, and in beef soups and stir fries. Best used sparingly and can be ground before use. Available in 50g jar.

      Natco Ajwan Seeds (Jars) 100g

      A flavour similar to thyme but much stronger. Used in Indian breads, gram flour snacks and also goes well with fish. Ajwan seeds are a common ingredient in balti cooking and in bhajias and pakoras. Also known as Carom or Lovage. Available in 100g jar.

      Natco Black Cumin Seeds 700g


      Natco Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds 50g


      Greenfields Rosemary 75g

      Store In A Dry Cool place

      Natco Black Pepper Whole 1Kg

      The worlds most popular spice. True pepper is actually a berry (not be confused with paprika, cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, red pepper and bell pepper). Whole black peppers are the dried berry fruit containing a single seed. The dried fruit flesh gives the wrinkled apearance typical of black peppercorns. Pepper gets its heat from the piperine compound found in the fruit skins and the seed itself. The skin also contains important flavour compounds which give black pepper its distictive citrus and woody notes. White pepper has the fruit and skin removed which determines the difference in flavour between black and white pepper. Ingredients Whole Black Pepper Nutrition / Allergen Information Suitable for vegetarians Gluten Free Available in 1Kg bag

      Greenfields Basil Seeds 100g

      Blood sugar regulation , Improve digestion , Appetite control .

      Greenfields Dill Weed 75g

      Greenfields , 25 Crawford Street , London .

      Natco Jeera Cumin Seeds 1Kg


      Natco Takmuria (Basil Seeds) 100g


      Natco Methi Seeds (Fenugreek) 2Kg

      Normally sauteed in hot oil before adding vegetables to your dish. Used in pickles and chutneys and an important ingredient of the Vindaloo. Sprouts easily like cress. Excellent in salads. Available in 2Kg bags.

      Greenfields Green Peppercorns 100g

      Greenfields , 25 Crawford Street .

      Natco Cassia Sticks (Jar) 50g

      Similar to cinnamon but with a coarser, thicker bark. The taste is stronger than true cinnamon with a very subtle clove undernote. Used in pilau's, lamb and other meat dishes.

      Natco Cardamoms Seed 300g

      Why bother with deseeding Cardamom Pods when we've done all the work for you! Simply the seeds of Cardamom Pods painstakingly removed from their shells to provide the quickest and easiet way to enjoy cardamom. Suitable for use in many curry dishes and wherever cardamon is required generally. Adds a distinctive flavour and strong aroma. Available in 300g bags.

      Top-Op Parsley 300g

      Suitable for vegetarians

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