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    Most Delicious Snacks & Grocery Essentials you will need for Diwali Festival

    Most Delicious Snacks & Grocery Essentials you will need for Diwali Festival

    Diwali is coming! Yes finally the wait is over. We are soon approaching the most awaited festival of the season, Diwali the festival of light. The gold lit colourful lamps, the artistic lanterns, the beautiful rangolis, the range of flowerpots, sparklers and crackers and a display of sweets and savouries is a perfect picture we sketch in our minds when we talk about Diwali. It would be one of the festivals where you need not fast but simply feast.

    The Diwali celebrations occur over a period of five days and include numerous traditions, activities, and, yes, tasty treats. When we talk about tasty treats, it is true that food plays a significant role in all celebrations. Sweets and fried snacks are an integral part of any Indian festival. In fact, preparing these dishes turn out to be the highlight of every festival. Different varieties of savoury snacks are traditionally prepared at almost every home. Let’s explore some of the Diwali snacks specialities:

    Murukku is one of the most famous South Indian snacks made with the goodness of rice flour/gram flour/urad dal flour, butter and basic spices. It is also known as ‘chakli’ in North India and Chakri in West India. It is a light, crispy and super tasty savoury snack. So, don’t forget to try this delicious murukku during the festivities.

    Namak Paare is a diamond shape crunchy and savoury snack prepared with maida or whole wheat flour. Namak Paare are best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Shakarpara is the sweet version of Namak Paare. Both these snacks are kids' favourites. 

    Chivda is a famous Indian style snack that has countless variations. Some of the most commonly prepared Chivda during Diwali festival are Poha Chivda and cornflakes Chivda. Poha Chivda is a famous Maharashtrian dish made with flattened rice, peanuts, coconut and some basic spice powder. Cornflakes Chivda is made using cornflakes as the main ingredient. Both these snacks are easy to make, light, crunchy and tasty. Nowadays, the baked versions of these Chivda are also prepared. People also prepare Namkeens like Dal moth, Chana dal Chivda, Sabudana Chivda, Sev, Methi Puri, Masala peanuts, Mathri.

    kachori is a flaky, crisp deep-fried pastry filled with a special filling. The filling can be varied from savoury to sweet like potato & peas filling, moong dal filling, dry fruit filling and much more. Among all Matar kachori and Khasta moong dal kachori are most famous. Kachori is a perfect combination of spicy and mild sweet flavours, which can instantly uplift your mood!

    Many other varieties of snacks are also prepared like Ribbon Pakoda, Kara Boondi, Omapodi, Bhakarwadi, Samosa, Karanji, Fulwadi and the list is endless. Every region in India enjoys its own speciality and vast diversity of snacks during this festive occasion of Diwali.

    Along with celebrations and family feasts, Shopping is also at its peak. There are special Diwali Bonanza offers available in the market with the onset of Diwali. Diwali is not only a cultural festival but also a shopping festival for all. Home decor, Pooja Samagri, new apparels, jewellery, firecrackers, groceries, sweets, are few on the shopping list. Also, we clean our home and decorate it with flowers, fancy lanterns, divas, rangoli and much more. You may also need to stock up some grocery essentials to make sweets, snacks and feast for guests.  Here’s what you’ll need for your Diwali Grocery shopping.

    Diwali is the festival of lights and its celebration is incomplete without Diyas, candles and lamps. Decorating the houses with Diyas is the traditional way but now lamps are also used as they are very beautiful and easy to handle too.

    Diwali festivities begin from the Dhanteras and continue till Bhai Dooj. Devotees perform pooja as per their traditions on Dhanteras, Kali Chaudas and Diwali. You can get all the necessary Pooja Samagri for Diwali pooja easily from our Diwali special collection.

    One of the tastiest and most lovable rituals of Diwali is the sweetmeats and variety of lip-smacking snacks. Kids are also very much excited about Diwali just for this one reason that they will get a lot of sweets to eat. Elders like to indulge in tasty traditionally prepared snacks. It’s like the biggest feast of the year. For people with a sweet tooth, this day is like heaven on earth. You can either make dishes at home or you can get them as a readymade.

    Diwali is the time for indulging into Sweets. For preparing all those sweets and snacks you need will need Ghee and oil. You can easily get the best quality pure ghee and oil at a discounted price from JustHaat.

    Beautiful colourful rangolis are made on many Indian festivals like Diwali or Tihar, Onam, Pongal etc. Everyone decorates their house entrance with beautifully designed and coloured rangoli during Diwali. Some even make rangoli with colourful flowers and petals. 

    Diwali and gifts have a deep-rooted connection with each other. Gifts are the most favoured way of enhancing the bonds with your near and dear ones. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali people from around the world send and receive gifts from their loved ones. Gifting is a long-lived ritual of festivals in India and it gets increased by a substantial amount on the occasion of Diwali.

    Diwali is a festival that brings cheers to everyone’s faces and people from around the world gather together to share the happiness with their loved ones. You would never want to get short on the shopping list of Diwali and that’s the reason we gave you a glimpse of the essentials of Diwali. 

    Flavoursome Savoury to Light up Your Tastebuds

    Special Gifts for your friends & family

    We can almost feel the Diwali madness coming as we go through this list! Can you? If yes then we are here to keep those taste buds at rest because we have it all. From sweets to snacks to pooja essentials to grocery we have it all for you. Just find products from our online grocery store and place your order right now. We also have a range of Diwali gift hampers and offers as well to make your Diwali special. So hurry up and Grab this Season's Biggest Offers! Shop Now from JustHaat!

    We hope that your family attain success, enjoy great health, live with happiness and get blessed with positive energy to live a happy life. 

    With gleam of Diyas and mouthful of tasty treats, may happiness and contentment fill your life this Diwali. JustHaat team Wishes you all “A very Happy and Prosperous Diwali”.

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