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    Royal Chai

    Royal Tea Limited is a UK based company, which has developed a unique concept in spiced and flavoured tea products.

    Through careful market research and product development, “Royal Chai” was conceived producing a market leading, premium range of instant teas.

    We pride ourselves in only selecting the finest teas from remote Kenyan Tea Estates, together blended with only natural flavours and spices, the essence of which is captured and sealed for your convenience. It is this superior formulation which gives each sip a complete tea experience.

    Each Royal Chai sachet contains the perfect combination of Skimmed Milk, Tea and Exotic Spices, which gives every Royal Chai serving its refreshing, authentic taste.

    You just have to try it to believe it!

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      14 products found.

      Royal Chai Turmeric (Sweetened) 200g

      Turmeric is beneficial for your health. Another healthy way to consume turmeric is by preparing turmeric tea.

      Royal Masala Tea (unsweetened) 220g

      SAVE TIME WITH THIS VALUE PACK - No more waiting around, because you've got better things to do! JUST ADD HOT WATER - One scoopful is all you need
      £2.99 £2.49

      Royal Chai Masala Chai Sweetened 400g

      Original Royal Chai Masala (Sweetened) now available in a Tub Delicious Indian Masala Chai ready to drink for your enjoyment.
      £5.99 £5.29

      Royal Chai Masala Chai 200g ( 10 Servings)

      A Big Flavourful Team Swirling With Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom And A Hint Of Ginger. A Truly Refreshing Taste!
      £2.99 £2.79

      Royal Chai Karak Chai 180g ( 10 Servings)

      Every Royal Chai Sachet has the perfect combination of Tea, Spices and Milk giving you the perfect Chai every time
      £3.19 £2.79

      Royal Chai Turmeric (Unsweetened) 140g

      Royal Turmeric Chai is a unique blend of flavours having golden Turmeric and Green tea to boost the antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

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