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      Ayumi Natural Pure Flax Seed Oil 150ml

      The seeds of Linseed have been used nutritionally for their high nutritive values since earliest times. The oil has been used and recognised for its protective and care of problem skin conditions where it soothes and calms damaged skin while preserving the skin's precious mantle. It is an outstanding source of omega-3, -6 and 9 essential fatty acids to feed and nourish the skin to keep it blemish free.

      Ayumi Natural Pure Olive Oil 150ml

      Styling hair with hair curlers, straighteners, colours, etc. may look stylish and chic, but these hair styling products contain chemicals which may affect the quality of hair. Hence, though you indulge in experimenting with hair styles, it is important to take good care of the hair to stimulate healthy hair growth and for this, the best method is the natural method. Though there are several natural methods which one can use for maintaining healthy hair, olive oil for hair growth is said to be one of the best way to promote growth of hair.

      Dabur Amla Anti Dandruff Hair Oil 200ml

      Dabur Amla Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil with Amla, Lemon & Rosemary helps fight dandruff and nourises your hair making them strong and beautiful.

      Ayumi Organic Coconut Hair Oil 150ml

      Enriched bio-active henna, lemon, rosemary, and amla, Nourishes, conditions and softens Used to nourish their scalp, roots, and hair No SLS, parabens and mineral oil Vegetarian Society approved

      Navratna Herbal Oil Cool 200ml

      Himani Navratna COOL Oil specially packaged for export. Meticulously prepared from a combination of nine unique Ayurveda herbs. Daily massage with this oil gives enjoyable cooling which provides relief from daily mental and physical stress- and its related symptoms like headache, fatigue, tension, insomnia, etc. Not only solves specific hair and body related ailments, but delivers superlatively on all desired benefits, like beauty & nourishment, traditionally sought from hair oils. Made in India.

      Parachute Coconut Oil Bottle 200ml

      Made from 100% pure coconut oil. 5 Stage Purification process to ensure 100% pure every time.

      Ayumi Bio Active Detoxify Hair Oil 150ml

      Neem and Brahmi invigorate with cleansing shikakai, tulsi, and methi to purify. Our zesty and zingy detoxifying hair oil is naturally formulated to help purify and revitalize lank hair, minimize itchy scalps, and help to fight dandruff. Avocado and almond oils soothe itchy scalps and condition hair cuticles while renowned antiseptic and antibacterial neem, antioxidant-rich Brahmi and naturally cleansing Shikakai are enriched with Tulsi, Methi and Eucalyptus to stimulate and invigorate. We use no mineral oil or liquid paraffin within our hair oils. No parabens or GM ingredients. 100% Natural

      Simco Hair Fixer 300ml


      Ayumi Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 290g

      Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. Soil association approved.

      Ayumi Natural Pure Sesame Seed Oil 150ml

      Ayumi Pure Sesame (Til) Seed Oil is suitable for use in a variety of culinary dishes, adding a sweet, nutty flavour. It is an excellent skin oil and emollient, with moisturising, softening and nourishing properties.

      Ayumi Growth Hair Oil 150ml

      Thickening and volumizing to prevent hair loss Promote long and lustrous hair No mineral oil or liquid paraffin within hair oils No parabens, no GM ingredients Vegetarian Society approved

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