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      Tropical Sun Celery Salt 100g

      The perfect combination of ground celery and salt, you can use it in almost any dish that needs a little boost. Use it to flavor your soups, sauces, stews, and meat dishes or sprinkle some over your pasta, potatoes or eggs. Toss some celery salt on your salad or use it to prepare the dressing. This seasoning gives you a convenient, yet the appetizing way to add a little something extra to your meals. Enjoy!

      Kirkland Ground Himalayan Pink Salt 2.27kg

      our Himalayan pink salts are the highest quality 100% natural salt. Himalayan pink salt With hues of pink, red and white, Kosher Kirkland Signature Kirkland Signature - Ground the Himalayan mountains from abundant salt beds formed in the era, more than 250 million years ago

      Top-Op Table Salt 750g

      Soaking your feet in warm water to which salt has been added will give relief to tried feet. By putting a pinch of salt into the water before placing flowers into a vase, it will freshen them. During the winter frosts you can throw salt onto ice and snow and it will help it to melt quickly. When coal on the barbecue are really red, sprinkle, salt onto them , it reduces the amount of smoke and the briquettes stay red longer. Salt baths are recommended for twists and sprians they are also a good tonic.

      Top-Op Salt Bags 3Kg

      Salt was once one of the most prized of all seasonings, as revealed in the expression “below the salt”- nobles, who sat at the head of the table (above the salt), were allowed to use salt, while lesser folk, sitting below the salt, had to rely on herbs to flavour their food.

      Heera Virgin Pink Himalaya Salt 800g

      Heera Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt originates from fossil marine salt deposits, formed during the Jurassic era, where it has been preserved and kept pure for over 250 million years. Shielded from impurities and pollutants, this rare and extraordinary salt is hand-harvested from the ancient sea salt deposits in the pristine Himalayan mountains, where the salt from the ancient ocean was pushed towards the northern part of the mountain range into a high plateau and was compacted with magma fluids originating from deep within the earth. These mineral infiltrations enrich the salt and provide it with unique characteristics identified by its Himalayan origin, especially the amazing pink color caused by the high natural iron content.

      Fudco Himalayan Pink Salt 500g

      Our Virgin Pink Himalayan Salts originates from the fossil marine deposits, formed over 250 million years ago, where it has been preserved and kept pure. Shielded from impurities and pollutants, this rare and amazing salt is hand cultivated from the ancient sea salt deposits, in the Pristine Himalayan Mountains. Use in culinary dishes and as a replacement to table salt.

      Heera Virgin Pink Himalaya Salt 400g

      Premium and Naturally Fortified Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt in its natural state - free from impurities, having delectable & delicious flavour.

      Top Op Virgin Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse 750g

      Our Pink Himalayan salt crystals for bath salt recipes, body scrubs, aromatherapy and spa applications is certified Kosher and "Gourmet Food Grade". This premium salt has a high quality natural pink color. Select from three grain sizes. In addition to bath salt use, we recommend Extra-Fine (0-0.5mm) and Fine (0-1mm) for body scrubs and exfoliation formulations. Medium (2-3mm) is best suited for bath salt. Extra-Fine grain can be substituted for sugar in scrub and exfoliation recipes because grains are sand-like in size.

      Tata Salt 1kg

      This is a Vegetarian product. Vacuum evaporated iodised salt

      Dri Pak Course Rock Salt 350g

      Dri-Pak offers a range of specialty salts for retail, wholesale or catering and foodservice. Our products are of the highest quality, being sourced from Cheshire, Spain, Germany or Punjab. Our specialty salt is available in cardboard tubes (350g) for retail and wholesale or plastic tubs (5kg) for wholesale, catering and foodservice.

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