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      Rajah Ground Ginger Powder 85g

      Ginger is one of the most powerful and popular spices in the world. It originated in Southeast Asia and was considered a tonic root for all ailments by the Indians and ancient Chinese thousands of years ago.

      Heera Baking Powder 4kg

      Baking Powder

      Aryan Ashwagandha Powder 100g

      Ashwagandha, also known as the magical herb, is considered to be nature’s gift to mankind. For centuries, Ayurvedic medicine has used it to treat people for their day to day woes such as stress, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of sleep etc

      Heera Garlic Powder 400g

      Product: Garlic Powder Brand: Heera Net Weight: 400g

      Top Op Jaggery Powder 750g

      This is a Vegetarian product. 100% Natural, no added sugar Natural, organically processed and sulfur less Dry, flowing, easy to use, 12 months of shelf-life Patented, hygienic process of production with complete automation Directions for usage: directly use in tea/coffee/milk/on chapati / instead of sugar

      Rajah Meat Tenderiser 100g

      INGREDIENTS Iodised Salt, WHEAT Flour, Papain Powder (0.1%)

      TS Gari 1.5kg

      Loved across Africa, Gari (often spelled Garri) is an incredibly versatile ground food that is both eaten as a snack and used in many traditional dishes. Made from ground, sieved and fried cassava tubers, some of the most popular gari-based dishes include Eba: a stiff dough that is eaten with soups, Kokoro: a sweet, deep-fried snack, and Gari Foto: a filling rice-like dish. White Gari has a coarse grain.

      MDH Pulao Masala 50g

      Pulao Masala Pulao is rice cooked with vegetables and flavoured with spices Masala is a spice add taste to your entrée

      Natco Javantri Powder Grounde Mace 50g


      Fudco Fatakdi (Alum) Powder 50g

      Fudco Fatakdi (Alum) Powder 50g Ingredients: Alum Powder Uses: For Culinery & Cosmetic Use. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

      Natco Paprika Powder 1Kg

      Ground from finest quality capsicums, adds flavour and a reddish colour to foods. A sweet piquant spice. Available in 1Kg bag.

      Tropical Sun Arrowroot 100g

      Arrowroot, a fine white powder extracted from the root of several tropical plants, is often used to thicken puddings, sauces, glazes and other cooked foods.

      Easy Original Washing Up Liquid 550ml

      Original Formulation Sparkling Clean

      Natco Ext. Hot Chilli Powder 5Kg

      This variety of chilly powder is more stronger and very hot .Mainly used for the preperation of meat and fish curries. Chilli powder is an essential ingredient in a Vindaloo base Originally introduced to India by the Portuguese who were the original creators of the Vindaloo, India is now the largest producer and exporter of chilli powder in the world.

      Rajah Chicken Seasoning 100g

      Rajah Spices & Seasoning Chicken seasoning Chicken seasoning for all chicken recipes Rajah is one of the well known brands that provide high quality spices and seasoning This is a listing for one packet of 100g

      Adun Ijebu Garri 10kg


      Laziza Pasanda Masala 100g

      Pasanda is a sliced meat in yoghurt curry dish. It is a popular meat dish served in North India and Pakistan. Just follow the recipe on the back of Laziza Pasanda Masala, adding the spice mix provided and you’ll be enjoying this delicious creamy mild curry in no time.

      Natco Ground Cumin (Jar) 100g

      Natco Ground Cumin (Jar) 100g

      Hesh Organic Safed Moosli Powder 100g

      Safed Moosli (Chlorophytum Borvilianum) has been traditionally used as a very powerful aphrodisiac for men and as a rejuvenative tonic for the male reproductive system, promoting sexual vitality and potency.

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