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      Priya Tamarind Paste 300g

      The tamarind tree is native to Africa and now grown extensively in the Indian subcontinent too. The pod-like fruit of this tree is used in international cuisines. Priya’s Tamarind Paste is thick, seedless and prepared from this fruit pulp. This tangy ingredient tastes sweet and sour and adds zest to every dish.
      £2.99 £1.99

      Priya Lime Pickle (In Lime Juice Without Garlic)

      Contains: Lime Pieces, Iodized Salt, Lime Juice and Mixed Spices.
      £1.99 £1.89

      Priya Garlic Pickle 300g

      Product description : True to its tradition of ramoji group, Priya foods is committed to provide you with the best flavors of India. Its been spreading Indian fragrance all over the world since 1980. Come discover the world of Priya.

      Priya Ginger Pickle (Without Garlic) 300g

      Mashed Ginger pickled in oil (without Garlic). Priya’s Pickles add a dash of tangy spice to the whole meal.

      Priya Mango Thokku 300g

      Priya Mango Thokku Pkl 300g

      Priya Mango Pickle 300g

      Diced Mangoes Pickled in oil (Without Garlic). Priya’s Pickles add a dash of tangy spice to the whole meal.

      Priya Gongura Red Chilli Pickle 300g

      Just imagine the divine gastronomic indulgence where green Gongura and Red Chillies compete to script the most magical taste. Hot, aromatic, pungent, savoring and above all tempting in its looks, Priya Gongura Red Chilli a lethal fusion can make any taste bastions fall. Call it a celebration for pickle lovers at any time.
      £2.49 £1.99

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