11 Power Packed Food Items to Add to Your Diet this Winter
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    11 Power Packed Food Items to Add to Your Diet this Winter

    11 Power Packed Food Items to Add to Your Diet this Winter

    There are a number of food items that are best when enjoyed during winters and can also help in battling during the winter months. Now when the winters are at its full peak, we thought of pampering you a little with several food items that would help you through the winters. We at Justhaat.com have curated a list of items for you to indulge a little and at the same time making sure that you get all the nutrition you require in the cold months.

    1. Jaggery

      It has always been considered as warm food and it is very healthy as it contains vitamins and minerals. According to Ayurveda, Jaggery is considered to possess hot potency due to which it helps in generating heat within the body which is excellent for keeping ourselves warm during winters.

    2. Sesame

      Sesame is a good source of fibre due to which they help in the digestion of the food and also provide an essential boost to the immunity system. Sesame has also been considered to be a very rich source of due to the presence of high-fat content such as Omega 6.

    3. Ghee

      Ghee is one of those food items which should be consumed daily during the winter season. Ghee is said to be a warming food and is also an excellent source of energy. Apart from being warm, ghee also cures a cold and helps in clearing clogged nose which is very common during winters. Another health benefit of ghee during winters is the fact that it keeps the skin nourished and hydrated which becomes dull due to the cold.

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    4. Turmeric

      Turmeric is supposed to help in preventing various health issues that are associated with the cold weather. Due to its antibacterial antifungal and antiviral properties turmeric is believed to boost the overall immune system of the human body. Turmeric has also been very effective in solving because of its anti-allergic properties.

    5. Dry fruits

      Dry fruits are the healthiest snacks for the winters. From almonds to cashew nuts, and from Brazil nuts to walnuts all these dry fruits are packed with nutrients. We must make sure to add the dry fruits in our regular diet plan. These are best to munch on and are great sources of vitamin E, zinc and other nutrients. They are also believed to promote blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and are great for the skin.

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    6. Ginger

      When talking of winters, ginger is a staple ingredient for most of the home remedies associated with the cold season. Ginger can be used to treat cold and flu during the winter season. Ginger is also believed to increase a person's ability to digest. It is also considered to relieve the inflammation of the throat and is also helpful in relieving the congestion caused during the winter season.

    7. Garlic

      Garlic is packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and other nutrients and has been widely used in treating cold and flu. They are also believed to fight the cold and increase the immunity of the body. Research has even shown that garlic is a beneficial food item for lowering blood pressure and helps in keeping the heart-healthy.

    8. Honey

      Sore throats are the most common problems during the winters and honey can help in both preventing and curing the sore throats. Another reason why you should consume honey during winters is because honey assists in boosting the immune system of humans and make them strong. Having a spoon of honey every day during winters can help in keeping the cold and cough away.

    9. Dates

      Dates are excellent sources of iron, calcium, vitamins, and fibre. Dates can help in keeping the body warm and consuming a few pieces of dates on a daily basis also helps in treating winter ailments. Since dates consist of natural sugars, they are believed to provide instant energy to the body. These are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and can also be used during winters to ease the pain of arthritis patients.

    10. Green tea

      Green Tea is the healthiest beverage that exists. Green tea is enriched with antiviral properties which help in preventing the cold and flu during the winter season. Green tea is an amazing beverage with zero calories and also boosts weight loss efforts. Green tea also helps a person in staying hydrated during the winter months.

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    11. Sweet potato

      Sweet potatoes are very rich in nutrients and have high fibre content. They help in preventing constipation. Since they are a good source of magnesium, they help the body in relaxation. Sweet potatoes also help in preventing flu and the common cold because it is equipped with a high amount of vitamin C as well. 


    For your convenience, we have curated a list of the winter food items that are available with us. Here are the direct links for you to shop:

    So go ahead and fill your shopping carts with these winter essentials and Stay Healthy and Happy during the cold season.


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