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      Niharti Castor Oil 100ml

      £2.99 £1.99

      Niharti Almond Oil 100ml

      £1.89 £1.59

      Niharti Vanila Essence 28ml

      Ingredients Propylene Glycol Flavouring Essence Caramel Water The vanilla plant is an herbaceous climbing vine (1) which requires a supporting tree or pole for optimal growth.
      £0.99 £0.79

      Niharti Strawberry Culinary Essence 28ml

      This is a Vegetarian product.
      £0.89 £0.49

      Niharti Alsi Oil 250ml


      Niharti Pure Cinnamon Oil 20ml

      Cinnamon Oil is made using steam distillation of cinnamon tree bark. It has a a warm, spicy scent that is somewhere between clove and cinnamon. It is slightly herbaceous with pepper notes Some material indicates that it is perfect in topical applications, and with its pleasant scent, a perfect additive to creams, lotions, and soaps. Other materials recommend that Cinnamon Bark be avoided in aromatherapy. From a spiritual perspective, it is believed to have a warming, uplifting characteristic.
      £5.99 £3.99

      Niharti Castor Oil 250ml

      Helps the skin looking smooth, youthful and wrinkle free , Castor Oil breaks up scar tissue, and prevents new scars forming .
      £3.49 £2.99

      Niharti Sesame Oil 250ml

      Niharti Sesame oil is 100% pure sesame oil obtained from best quality Sesame seeds.

      Niharti Maha Narayan Oil 100ml

      Niharti Maha Narayan Oil - as known in Ayurveda, is a herbal massage oil with nourishing & rejuvenating properties for joints & muscles. Maha Narayan Oil, one of the most unique and effective oils, is a blend of herbs based on Ayurvedic mind. his unique massage oil can be used extensively for general body massage with a wide range of massage techniques.
      £8.99 £5.99

      Niharti Pure Coconut Oil 500ml

      Niharti coconut oil is perfect for use with cooking, skin moisturiser and hair Pure 100% coconut oil, for external and internal use Extracted from the best quality coconuts and is one of the most healthiest oils (coconut oil) Solid below room temperature, will melt at around 20 degrees celcius This listing is for a single jar of 500ml
      £3.99 £3.59

      Niharti Almond oil 250ml

      Niharti Almond is 100% pure almond oil ideal for culinary use in dressing & salads.

      Niharti Olive Oil 100ml

      £1.89 £1.69

      Niharti Black Seed Oil 100ml

      Niharti Black Seed (Kaloonji Oil) - is derived from specially black seeds (Nigella Sativa). It is 100% natural oil, free from any added colours and flavours. Black Seed oil is well known for its natural benefits and has been used for thousands of years across the globe. It is also thought to be blessed seed and is refereed in Ayurveda and ancient text.
      £6.99 £6.29

      Niharti Tea Spice 150g

      Niharti Tea Spice 150g
      £4.99 £4.09

      Niharti Pure Clove Oil 20ml

      Cloves have eugenol and beta caryophyllene analgesic property Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties Effectively used in drugs and dental fillings Keeping the blood sugar levels under control Act as an aphrodisiac which enhances the sexual behaviour in men
      £5.99 £3.99

      Niharti Premium Brinjal Pickle 350g

      £1.99 £1.59