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    Makar Sankranti

    Makar Sankranti

    Makar Sankranti coming on 14th January 2022 is known by different names in various parts of India and Poush Sankranti in Bangladesh.

    It means Sankramanan which means transit and marks the transition of the sun into a new sign. It is celebrated all over India. In Gujarat it is known as Uttarayan, in Tamil Nādu as Pongal, Maghi for the month of Magh on this day sweet and snack are prepared and kite flying is practised in northern parts as well as Gujarat.

    Different rituals are practised in different states of India.

    Some of the key rituals of the Makar Sankranti festival and its celebration are given below.

    In Uttar Pradesh, the ritual holy bath is taken by people in the Ganges. The famous 'Magh Mela' starts on this day at the Prayag in Allahabad.

    Split Moong Dal and Chawal khichdi is prepared on this day and also given as a Charity (Daan) along with Til (sesame seeds) and Gud (Jaggery)

    In Punjab, the local people lit bonfires on the eve of Sankranti and perform puja around the sacred fire by throwing rice and sweets into it. This is followed by grand feasts and their native 'bhangra' dance around the fire. The celebration is done by enjoying all kinds of Sweets, Gajak, Chikki and Makhana.

    In Gujarat, kite flying is of prime importance on that day. Other holy rituals like giving gifts to younger members of the family are a common practice during Makar Sankranti. Also, here again, Sesame seed (til) and jaggery (gud) has a lot of significance in the whole celebration along with all other snacks

    In Maharashtra, Sankranti is marked by the making and exchange of various kinds of sweets made of jaggery and sesame seeds. People greet each other and the married women of the house buy utensils. These are also exchanged as gifts which are known as 'Haldi Kumkum' which is an age-old tradition followed in this region. And they give an offering of Til-Gud to each other.

    In Tamil Nadu and other parts of southern India, this day marks the worship of the harvest God. Local people harvest their paddy on this day and sweets made up of rice, pulses and milk cooked in ghee is offered to the family deity. This festival known as Pongal is the biggest festival celebrated by South Indians.

    In Bengal, the famous Ganga Sagar Mela starts on this day. People take holy dips in the river on this day offering early morning pujas to the Sun God at dawn.

    In Orissa, Makar Sankranti signifies the New Year which is welcomed by cooking local food and sharing it among friends and families.

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