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    Lovely Eggless Oats & Raisins Cookies 200g

    Manufacturer: Lovely Bake Studio
    Take a Bite of heaven with digestive oats and sweet raisins nested in butter and a dash of coconut with Oats and Raisin Cookies by Lovely Bake Studio. The eggless cookies are made from the most premium ingredients and baked to perfection for a pleasant snacking experience. Every Cookie is individually pillow-packed for the perfect taste in every bite, anytime, anywhere. Our Cookies also available in other tempting International flavours of Italian Biscotti, Coconut, Roasted Almond, Australian Anzacs, Cornflakes and Oats, ChocoChip and Butter Pista.
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    Wheat Flour(Refined),Sugar,Oats-11%,Raisins-11%,Table Butter(Butter Salt,Coulor(ins 160b)Edible Vegetable Fats,Milk Solids,Coconut Powder(F.Fat)Raising Agent(500-ii)Flour Improvers(170-i,1100)
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