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    Lovely Eggless Coconut Cookies 200g

    Manufacturer: Lovely Bake Studio
    Say hello to one of our most popular Cookies! Enjoy a rich Coconut taste baked to perfection and flavourful crunch in every bite like you have never experienced before. A perfect accompaniment for tea-time with family and friends.
    SKU: 8906070991618
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    Wheat flour(Refined),sugar,Edible Vegetable fat(Partially hydrogeneted oils)Coconut powder(F.Fat)-21%,Milk solids,Coconut cream powder-2%Raising agent(200-ii,503-ii)Flour improvers(170,1100)
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    Raw Mango (Green Mango)

    Raw Mango (Green Mango)

    Raw mangoes are firm in texture and are super tangy and sour in taste. They are an excellent source of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C & Fibre. Raw mangoes are perfect for preparing varieties of pickles and can also be enjoyed simply with a dash of chilly powder and salt.
    Picture of Natco Fennel Seeds 400g

    Natco Fennel Seeds 400g

    These have a warm aroma and a sweetish taste like aniseed. Tastes great with seafood, pork, stuffings, sauces, pickles and some curries. In India it is chewed as a natural breath freshener and as an aid to digestion.
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    Natco Cumin Ground 400g

    Natco Cumin Ground 400g

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    Heera Bajra Seeds (Millet Seeds) 400g

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    Top-Op Cinnamon Sticks 100g

    Delightfully exotic, sweet-flavored spice Traditionally obtained from the inner brown bark of Cinnamomum trees Used in both sweet and savory dishes Used as a spice, principally employed in cookery as a condiment and flavoring material It adds elegance to any table
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    Natco Brown Lentils 2Kg

    Brown lentils provide an much earthier flavour then the red lentils.
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