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    Why JustHaat is a Final Destination of Your Online Grocery Shopping

    Why JustHaat is a Final Destination of Your Online Grocery Shopping

    Suppose you are tired having a long tedious day at work and you have your shelf empty having no groceries for preparing your favourite dish. Now, what you will do? Go to the nearby supermarket for the items you want, pick up items from the shelf of the store and put it in the basket. Unload your basket at the billing counter and again place it back in the basket then put it in the car then after reaching house take it out of the car, then finally into the refrigerator. That is almost 7 to 8 steps you need to pass through to have groceries at your home.

    What if we say, having groceries at your doorstep with one single tap?

    Yes, you are reading right. We are talking about JustHaat Online grocery store where you can order and get groceries delivered to your home easily. It just takes 10 minutes to pick the groceries from your list into the cart.

    For mothers, online grocery shopping is a brilliant idea. Imagine your babies finding uncomfortable in the grocery store and you need to take care of their coat, diapers, hat from falling down while shopping. Also facing fight at the billing counters for those unwanted candies. For those new mothers, online shopping is like a boon.

    Online shopping for groceries has gained momentum because it saves a lot of time and money. You have lots of options available from hundreds of categories and thousands of products.

    Let’s see the benefits of the shop online vs shop from the supermarket

    • Avoid Temptation: You can cut down on impulse shopping. Say when you go to a store, you may be tempted to buy chocolates, tidbits and lots of snacks and whichever looks cute and fancy we will buy impulsively. When shopping online you can avoid such temptations by choosing needful items only. 
    • Avoid Ordering:  While shopping online, you can check things in your refrigerator and see things that are already there, so that you will not repeat your orders and thus order only those things that you are running out of stock.
    • Great deals and Discounts: when shopping online for groceries, the price list mentioned in an online store is less compared to supermarket price. You will avail great discounts that are not available in the regular market. You can enjoy shopping without carrying heavy bags.
    • Time is Money: While going to the supermarket it takes a lot of time and energy, whereas in online you have to type the products name and search the products in a website on shopping app. You can save time and use that time to do yoga or walking or going to meetings or else you can even write an article or you can read useful books.
    • The best part of online specials: you need not drive your vehicle and carry the bag till the grocery store. Online shopping gives you special coupons and cards which you don’t get in retail stores. By a single click of a button, you even get all these advantages and you can make the most of online special shopping!

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    From above all circumstances, we are sure you are thinking about shopping online for your future grocery needs. Here are some great tips that can help in the same.

    • Take the note, pen and calculator to find out how much you should spend on groceries. This includes everything you buy in a grocery store, say food and produce, baby items, shampoos, cleaning supplies, pharmacy products, processed foods, etc.

    • Track your grocery budget weekly instead of monthly. Focus each time how much you buy with an electronic card.

    • The important one is to plan your meals based on what is already there in your pantry or refrigerator.  

    • Avail benefits of sales/discounts and good deals on products you want. Don’t rush to the store nearby each time for small needs. Eat healthy food at great deals instead of eating cereals for breakfast.

    • Decide grocery list before buying, look at deals and prices and see what are the items in the list are on sale. Buy those which have good deals.

    • While making an online payment, take care of the security and read the payment guide of the site. Check the delivery and shipping charges.

    We hope the above tips will help you while shopping online. 

    Why JustHaat for your grocery needs?

    As this is the era of technology, we have lots of options in the market for the items we need, but the quality of the services is the most important factor while choosing the right option and that is our main aim that delivering quality products and services to our customers.

    JustHaat is an online grocery supermarket where you can get anything at any time delivered to your doorstep at a very attractive price. JustHaat has thousands of products from 100+ top brands of the UK. 

    We retain the freshness of products by testing it well before delivering you, so you can feel relaxed and get shop anything without any worry about the quality. We are keen to provide the best user-friendly services to our customers. 

    Here’re some reviews of our customers on Trustpilot and Google.




    Talking about our products range, we have all in one supermarket where you can get all the things from your breakfast to dessert. 

    For your morning tea or coffee, we have a wide variety of tea and coffee from the top brands. Also, you can prepare your healthy breakfast using our fruit juices, dried fruits and nuts, biscuits, chips, namkeen, etc.

    For preparing Indian cousins, we have a variety of cooking oils, pure ghee, herbs and spices, authentic Indian Masalas, cooking pastes, rice flour and pulses, etc.

    For health-conscious people, we have fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy juices. We are also popular in delivering Ayurvedic healthcare products in the UK. We have a wide variety of organic health care products like Neem Oil, Madhivala Liniment Massage Oil, Aloe vera gel, Herbal Henna Powder, Shilajit, Ashwagandha, etc.

    We have also grocery variety for Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese cousins, you can find different Thai pastes, Chinese sauces, vinegar and seasonings, Italian herbs in our online store.  

    Shopping using our platform helping you save your time and money. Instead of going outside and facing lots of traffic, wasting your time in the long billing queues, and carry n number of heavy bags, we make your experience delightful and pocket-friendly. 

    Take a look at our categories and register yourself for this amazing experience of shopping.


    Magical features of JustHaat

    Experience happy shopping with JustHaat and we serve you more than you expected at your preferred time.


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