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    Johnsons's Baby Cotton Buds 200 Buds

    Manufacturer: Other Manufactures
    A thorough clean Cleans in-between baby's fingers, toes & other creases on the skin. Ideal for applying and removing make-up
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    johnson's Baby Cotton Buds: made from only pure cotton tips and paper sticks. Pure cotton is naturally absorbent and gentle. johnson's Baby Cotton Pads: made from pure cotton and are so soft and gentle to baby's delicate skin. They are designed to maintain their shape and not leave unwanted cotton fibres on baby's skin. johnson's Baby 3-in-1 Nappy Care Cream: clinically proven 3-in-1 formula to soothe skin, protect against the causes of nappy rash and help repair and strengthen the skin's protective barrier johnson's Baby Powder: creates a friction-free layer to keep baby's skin healthy and soft.


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