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      JK Garam Masala Whole 50g

      JK Green garam masala whole includes cardamom , clove , cassia

      JK Burnt Garlic Seasoning 70g

      With JK's Burnt Garlic Seasoning, easily create delicious and flavourful food. There are endless possibilities for our amazing blend - Love it on bread, cheese, potatoes, popcorn, vegetables, daal, rice, salads, oats or whatever else you desire. You can now transform your food into mouth-watering masterpieces in seconds.

      JK Pepper Salt Mix 85g

      Any chef knows that nothing tastes quite as good as freshly ground spices. JK's Salt and Pepper mix is here to make fresh flavours your household staple. Our shakers are designed to keep your spices fresh, while brilliantly keeping messes to a minimum. The airtight lids maintain maximum flavour and quality so your spices last longer. JK's perfect blend of salt and pepper ensures that it adds the right amount of seasoning required for your dish.

      JK Himalayan Pink Salt 100g

      Hand-made rock salt, pink and crystalline is a fine blend of pristine crystals and pink granules derived naturally from the salt mines closer to the himalayas. Rich in iron oxide; is a popular substitute for table salt.

      JK Borwn Cardamom Big (Black Eliachi ) 100g

      Cardamom comes from various plants of the similar genera Elettaria and Amomum in the ginger family Zingiberaceae. Native to India, Nepal and Bhutan; Cardamom is a form of small seed pod, and spindle-shaped, with a thin, papery, outer shell and small brown seeds.

      JK Whole Cloves 100g

      JK Cloves are an Excellent Source of Manganese, a Very Good Source of Vitamin K and Dietary Fiber, and a Good Source of Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium.